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When it comes to my collection of books, I revert to being a selfish little kid. I’ve always been extremely proud of my love of reading, and I don’t share my books very easily. In fact, the last time I shared my books, I lent a “friend” from college my Jacobian Shakespeare books for a Shakespeare course and she never even returned them. That killed our friendship. The mere thought of sharing my books sends me into an irrational state of panic.

So, when I decided to share some of my collection of poetry books with my students this week for Creative Writing Week, including a few signed and limited editions, I was shaking before I even entered the classroom.

a suitcase full of some of my poetry books

a suitcase full of some of my poetry books

My relationship with my students has morphed into something beautiful. Even the fact that I was willing to share my most prized possessions with my students showed me how much love and trust I have for my kiddos. After I gave them all the schpiel on how big of a deal it was that I was sharing my books with them, I only had to ask a couple of kids to treat my books better.

Yesterday was the last day of classes before Final Exams, and I’m still feeling “some type of way.” This first year of teaching has had its ups and its downs, but most of all it’s had a ton of learning experiences in so many aspects of my life. I gave my kids all bracelets that read “I survived Ms. Barbour’s class” and we all had A Moment…every period. These kiddos will always have a special place in my heart, and I’m so lucky to have had them as my students this year. I’m also lucky they didn’t destroy my books.



20140319-223256.jpgToday was the first night of conferences. Today, I asked my students to fill out a questionnaire telling me what they thought I’d be saying to their parents or guardians.

The results were overall fabulous, but this one acts as a summary of my emotions during my first year of teaching.

“(That) I am “A joy to have in a class room of barbarians and psychotics.” And “He is probably the best student.”

Oh, what a year it’s been. I love my job.



Today some of my students started Googling me in class… and discovered my modeling career. By modeling career I mean 35 seconds of not tripping on a runway in front of hundreds upon hundreds of women at one of the best blogging conferences I know.

I had a momentary silent freak out, and then I remembered that, as a blogger, I have made the choice to let my voice be heard. In class, I value the honest relationship I have with my students. Despite my slight bit of unease to know my students have seen me in a ton of makeup walking on a runway, my momentary anxiety was fueled by my blog being attached to my “runway show.” Then I remembered the mantra I’ve had since I’ve been blogging: if I’m posting something I wouldn’t want my students to see then I probably shouldn’t be posting it anyway. This mantra has made me a better blogger, much like the experience of being a model in the BlogHer13 Fashion Show helped me become more confident and unafraid to embrace who I am.

Do your homework, kiddos. Seriously.

Do your homework, kiddos. Seriously.

So, although I say this with a bit of unease, welcome to my life, silently lurking students. Yes, your English teacher was in a fashion show this past summer. Yes, your English teacher is a blogger. Yes, your English teacher has a life outside of school.

Welcome to reality, my dears. Now go do your homework.