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I feel oddly compelled to post something here tonight, but I don’t have anything to say.

So hi.

Here’s a meme. It was one of the first ones that popped up when I Googled “memes.” (I think it’s kind of accurate as to where my teacher mind is right now.

Also, check out this workshop by one of my favorite blogs/ instagram accounts to follow, FosterMoms. This is far more worthy of being posted on here than Alan from The Hangover.

Back to my ramblings. I’m so ready for it to be summer. I’ll be nannying this summer, moving this summer, and trying not to move much off the couch when I’m home this summer. I’ll also be wearing sneakers a lot, which is something I’ve invested a lot into lately. A LOT. Like I own multiple pairs of shoes that could be considered sneakers that weren’t bought at Payless. If you’ve followed this blog for awhile, you’ll know why this is shocking. (I still suck at exercising, btw.) BUT, back to the importance of this unimportant paragraph, I’ll be wearing comfortable shoes and breathing a bit this summer.

I’m excited.

Happy Memorial Day Weekend. <3

I’m trying.

I’m going to BlogHer15 at the end of the month so I’m really, honestly trying to blog this month. I have a few days off before Summer School begins so let’s see how this goes.

On weekdays, I’ll be responding to the prompts supplied by BlogHer BECAUSE OMG MY BRAIN IS FRIED AND IT’S HARD TO WRITE.

Do people generally understand what you’re trying to say?

This is a loaded question. I guess it depends on what aspect of my life you’re looking at.

My grandfather always said if you want to have intelligent conversation, you need to talk to yourself.

I understand me, most times.

This, however, doesn’t mean I understand what I’m trying to say. I think, sometimes, I get caught up in the moment and get verbal diarrhea. I am an English teacher, however, so I usually am able to articulate what I mean halfway through my ramble.

My students, for the most part, understand me. I break things down and usually end up talking in slang so they “get it.”

My family and loved ones know me so they know my varying levels of insanity. I struggle more with communicating with them because I sometimes (wrongfully) assume they can read my mind.

My dog understands me.

My fiancĂ©’s dog (my step-dog?) is starting to understand me.

I hope you all get me.

What I’ve learned with NaBloPoMo 2014

I took part in NaBloPoMoBlahBlahBlah 2014 because I’ve been neglecting GingerSass for GayBrideGuide and I felt like my older blog-child was feeling the wrath of my accidental favoritism.

Actually, it totally was.

This past month, I learned that my sassy followers have actually missed my sass, and that they Google the weirdest shit.

For example, the top searches that have led to GingerSass in the past month are “Sims 3 Sex” (which I assume is about gender fluidity and sexuality in the Sims 3 you pervs!), “Ginger Sass” (Yay! People Google my blog!!!), “crazy classrooms (aka my life),” and “i’m too old for clubbing,” “dont feel like clubbing as i get older,” and “i don’t want to go to the club anymore.” (I haven’t been to a club since grad school, thank you. #oldladystatus for the win!)

Y’all are my kind of weirdos.

I also learned that I’ve missed rambling about nothing.

My blog is where I’ve found my voice, and lost it. It’s been a large part of the development of who I am, and who I will grow to be.

Blogging, I can’t quit you. Muahs.

My job loves my blog less than I do.

My job loves my blog less than I do.

Thanks for the love, NaBloPoMoBlah. Keep loving me. Unless, of course, you’re trying to access GingerSass from a school district where it’s blocked. Then you’re out of luck. <3

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