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Jason Collins is gay. Hold the presses.

Jason Collins came out today. It’s the only thing that’s been on the news.

You know what hasn’t been on the news today?

Brittney Griner, the openly gay basketball play who was a first round pick of the WNBA last week

the fact that All My Children came back from the dead today, and that AMC has an openly gay character on it

the fact that I’m gay

the nine million Americans who are gay (source:


People are paying attention to Jason Collins coming out because he’s a man, because he’s African-American, because he’s a basketball player, and because he’s in a magazine. (You can read the article here.)


Frankly, I’m annoyed by all the media attention Jason is getting. There are millions upon millions of people just like him. What he did isn’t a big deal– tons of people come out everyday. His coming out is just being played out as a big deal because he happens to be an athlete, and he happens to be famous.


But you know what? I’ve met plenty of gay black men athletes. You’re just like everyone else, Jason. Welcome to the rainbow side.


PAD Challenge, Day 27

4/27/2013- a “mechanical” poem (i chose to substitute mechanics for recipe)

how to toast a sorority girl

previously, in my mind,
a sorority girl was a simple recipe:

1 part giggles
2 parts tits
1/80 part dignity
3 parts superficiality
1 part loyalty
1/2 part bitch
1/2 part crazy
2 1/2 parts pink
and sprinkled with as much school spirit as the booze would provide.

for the past 5 years, my recipe proved to be pretty solid,
with only the occasional modification.
that was, until now.

now i’m dressed in
3 parts hairspray
1 part new dress
1 part nice shoes
2 parts makeup
and 1 part biting my tongue

for my

4 parts butch
2 parts secretly girly
2 parts kindhearted
1 part silly
1 part tux
1 part bow tie
all parts love

a-typical sorority-girl girlfriend.