adding ginger to your sass

GingerSass - adding ginger to your sass

I hate Hallmark holidays.

(but, really, I secretly love them.)

Valentine’s Day was pretty low-key this year. V took me out for lunch at Applebees, and then I cooked us dinner (pumpkin soup, croissants, salad, and chocolate strawberry cake pops for dessert). She surprised me with a sweet card, a giant balloon, and a beautiful rose. I sent her flowers, which surprised the hell out of her.

After dinner, she played a song for me (“To make you feel my love” by Garth Brooks) and asked me to dance.

You know what?

It was the best Valentine’s Day I’ve ever had.

How was your sappy, chocolate appreciation, Hallmark themed holiday? CHOCOLATE IS NOW 75% OFF!!!! (This is my favorite part of the holiday.)

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