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I haven’t been looking at the November NaBloPoMo prompts this month, which is pretty spectacular considering I’ve been struggling to blog for the past few months. Today, however, I gave the prompts a gander, and today’s prompt made my heart stop.

If you could permanently get rid of one worry, what would it be?

Tonight I received my copy of the latest Post Secret book in the mail. Unlike the other books, I didn’t get this one the day it came out. I didn’t even plan on looking at it tonight, but then I started looking at one page, and one page turned to twenty, and then one hundred, and before I knew it I had finished the book.

Even though I was 19 when the last book came out, I think it’s safe to say that this is the first PostSecret book that I’ve read as an adult.

Holy toledo.

I’ve met Frank Warren, the mastermind behind PostSecret, not once, but twice. He’s a big part of why I’m a writer today. He was genuinely touched when I told him this past March about how his words had impacted me, and he even shared a thank you note I’d written him with his hundreds of thousands of Twitter followers.

Yet, despite how large of a role Frank and Post Secret has played in my life, I’ve never cried because of them… Not until I read the latest Post Secret book.

Oddly enough, since about the last time I spoke with Frank in March, I’ve been having some health issues. Without going into too many issues, I don’t know where I stand with my ability to have kids, and I won’t know until V & I actually start trying to start a family, something we won’t be ready to do for at least a few years.

Tonight, I took a picture of one secret in the beginning half of the book that made me cry. It made me feel vulnerable to even take a photo of this secret as something that stood out to me.

(c) Frank Warren- The World of Post Secrets

(c) Frank Warren- The World of Post Secrets

Two hours later, as I neared the conclusion of the book, I came to another page that made me bawl my damn eyes out.

(c) Frank Warren- The World of Post Secret

(c) Frank Warren- The World of Post Secret

Once again, Frank and Post Secret have given me the kick in the butt I need to stay positive and look towards my future. I need to let go of my worry that my future won’t include everything that I want it to. I won’t know what it holds until it gets there.

To be frank with you…

Frank & I, Rutgers Mark Conference 2014

Frank & I, Rutgers Mark Conference 2014

I really didn’t think Frank remembered how he’d asked me to send him an email after we spoke a few weeks ago.

Then I got a Facebook notification from my friend Lizz today, and I found out something pretty cool:

Frank had shared my story– and thank you note– on the PostSecret Twitter account.


This is a pretty cool start to my week.

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