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Today I challenge you to write a ruba’i…Basically, a ruba’i is a four-line stanza, with a rhyme scheme of AABA.

“Pinning” has become the key thing to do
when planning a wedding of me and you.
So let me pin a thousand ways to wed,
and maybe we’ll find something that is blue.


Today I’ve been pinning and playing around on Pinterest a lot for GayBrideGuide. Check it out, if you’d like.

Mr. Bubbles

Today’s (optional) prompt is to write a poem in which you very specifically describe something in terms of at least three of the five senses.


Max and Mr. Bubbles were caught pink handed today. Love is love, yo.

Max and Mr. Bubbles were caught pink handed today. Love is love, yo.

Mr. Bubbles

There’s something scarring about fluorescent pink.
Not in a bad way, but in a way that can only be associated with Mr. Bubbles.
You know, the mascot of bubble bath meant to cuddle
90s children into thinking bath time was a time to look forward to and love?
He was such a pivotal icon
of my 90s childhood.

I think back to bath time of my childhood,
and I think of that neon colored bottle, an unforgiving pink,
that perfectly complimented the bizarre icon
called Mr. Bubbles.
He was the reason bath time was something that I loved,
a time where I would allow a bubbly sea foam to join me in a cuddle.

I’d wrap my body in the pungent suds and cuddle,
blinded by the innocence of childhood,
and full of laughter and love
as my toes turned a wrinkly pink
from covering my entire body in bubbles.
Mr. Bubbles was my generation’s bath time icon.

You know he’s an icon.
While I may be one of the first admit I like to cuddle
dear Mr. Bubbles,
he is an essential component of childhood
memories, highlighting childhood dreams in a beaming pink
bubbly foam of love.

Speaking of love…
When I saw this icon
for sale, standing out in his pink
fluff, begging for a cuddle,
I knew that I wanted to share my childhood
memories of Mr. Bubbles.

I knew my dog would love Mr. Bubbles,
that he would share his puppy love
with the love of my childhood,
that he would roll around with the stuffed toy version of this icon
and kiss and chew and play with and cuddle
Mr. Bubbles until his own paws became pink.

The love of Mr. Bubbles, an American icon,
knows nothing but love and a foamy cuddle.
Sometimes childhood is best seen in shades of pink.


Today, I challenge you to write a poem in terza rima.

I saw a lot of my Facebook friends taking a Buzzfeed quiz so I decided to take it as well, and write a poem about the results.


I took a Buzzfeed quiz today,
mostly out of spite,
and I anticipated a feeling of dismay.

The fact that I even took this quiz didn’t feel quite right–
“How Privileged Are You?” asked the list,
a questioning suggesting that the quiz maker felt a bit contrite.

The quiz acknowledged the notions and privileges most people don’t realize exist,
and much to my surprise,
my sexuality, class, and gender began to persist

“YOU’RE NOT PRIVILEGED” was the answer, right before my eyes.

Note: There are so many more privileges that cannot be explored in the level of complexity offered by a Buzzfeed quiz. While my lesbian, working middle-class, and female identities may offer a role in society lacking privilege, the fact that my parents are still married, that I am white, that I am extremely feminine, and that I have my Bachelors and Masters degrees provide me with an extensive amount of privilege that I am fully aware of. Please don’t ever assume a Buzzfeed quiz accurately answers a question.