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She gives me butterflies.

Prompt: Tell me what gives you butterflies. Write for ten minutes writing down anything and everything that makes you nervous. Choose one and write for ten more minutes describing all of the different feelings that happen in your body at the thought of doing that one thing. You can take it one step further and put it into a form of your choosing if you like.

<3 10/6/2013


Love. It’s a strange word.
In French, c’est l’amour.
Somehow, adding apostrophes and a string of letters
gives a four letter word an immediate
sense of elegance and class.

I can recall the first time I fell in love,
or at least the first time I thought I was in love.
I sat on a stoop,
watching the sunrise,
talking about nothing and everything
until almost 4 am.
My heart beat faster and faster
until it burst, broken, defeated
two years later.

At the start of this new year,
a few years after my heart had finally burst free,
I discovered what love actually was.
There was no anxiety
or hot, painful tears,
or even sleepless nights wondering if the feelings would last.
Instead, I felt complete.
The part of me that I didn’t realize was missing
found its way into my heart, my eyes, my smile.
Our story unraveled like a fairy tale,
and the collective 22 and 30 years it had taken us to meet up
seemed less like a lifetime apart
and more like a lifetime of forgotten pasts,
for the past no longer mattered,
and the present was the future.

Now, we dance the dance
of knowing our hearts beat as one,
that we want to declare our love–
a four letter word I had come to view as a curse–
to one another in front of our family and friends,
and that one day, we, too, may actually have the opportunity
to march down the aisle
and live happily ever after.


The end of National Poetry Month 2013

I’ve been participating in National Poetry Month for the first time sine my freshman year of college, and I have to say it was refreshing. Yesterday, April 30th, was not only the final day of NaPoMo and the PAD Challenge, but it was the one year anniversary since I last stepped foot into a poetry classroom as a student. I took one poetry class a semester during my undergrad, which came out to be 21 credits with the same professor. Poetry was my therapy through my college years, and I never would have discovered my love for writing if I hadn’t accidentally been placed in an Intro to Creative Writing course the first semester of my freshman year.

Since my last poetry class a year ago, I’ve neglected my poetic writing, only occasionally writing for poetry readings I’ve been invited to perform at. It’s really easy to neglect your first writing love when you have a blog and social media taking up so much of your life. Writing a poem a day during the month of April was a bit stressful, yet relaxing, all at once. While I wrote way more haikus than I ever have before, it still felt good to be writing poetry. On the days where I wrote more difficult poetry forms, I felt alive. It felt so good to be writing each and every day, and to be challenging myself.

So, I’ve decided to try to incorporate my first love of poetry into my blog. I’ll be implementing “Poetry Wednesdays” because, apparently, Wednesday is the day of the week I blog the least on.

Thank you for joining me on this PAD Challenge.

Here are all the poems I wrote over the past month:

4/1/2013 – an arrival poem

4/2/2013 – bright poem, dark poem

4/3/2013 – a tentative poem

4/4/2013 – Hold that (_______) poem

4/5/2013 – a “plus” poem

4/6/2013 – a “post” poem

4/7/2013 – a sevenling poem

4/8/2013 – instructional poem

4/9/2013 – hunter/ hunted poem

4/10/2013 – a suffering poem

4/11/2013 – in case of (blank) poem

4/12/2013 – a broke poem

4/13/2013 – a comparison poem

4/14/2013 – a limerick on writing sonnets

4/15/2013 – an infested poem

4/16/2013 – an im/possible poem

4/17/2013 – express poem

4/18/2013 – an “I Am….” poem

4/19/2013 – burn poem

4/20/2013 – a “beyond” poem

4/21/2013 – a serenyu

4/22/2013– a complex poem (villanelle)

4/23/2013– a love poem or an anti-love poem

4/24/2013– an “auto” poem

4/25/2013– “Everyone (blank)”

4/26/2013 a cast poem

4/27/2013– a mechanical poem (substituted mechanical for recipe)

4/28/2013– a shadorma poem

4/29/2013– take the line of a previous PAD poem & use it as the title

4/30/2013– a finished or unfinished poem

PAD Challenge, Day 30

4/30/2013- a finished or unfinished poem

“Education lap”

I actually wrote
Changing and saving lives
is what motivates me
to be the best educator that I can be
on my final teaching philosophy
because I believe it to be true.
But nobody ever talks about
how your biggest motivation
to pursue the most worthwhile of dreams
disappears into the 3am sky
when you’ve been writing
professional development plans,
and unit plans
for non-existent students
for hours upon end
and the finish line
is within your sight
if you can just find some way
to stop time
so you can battle the procrastination
standing between you
and a triumphant victory.
The race has only just begun.