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Concert etiquette

Idina was amazing last night.

Unfortunately, there were also some concert-goers in front of us who weren’t so amazing. They were in an amazing state of disarray, but that’s about it.

So, because I need to get it off my chest, here are 10 things I think every concert goer should just know.

  1. If you’re going to a concert for a Broadway star/ an individual whose fame has skyrocketed since being in a Disney animated film, you probably shouldn’t get trashed at the show. I mean, being surrounded by 7 year olds in Elsa dresses isn’t the time to do shot after shot of over-priced concert booze.
  2. Climbing over folding seats while balancing your 3rd beer isn’t going to end well.
  3. When someone asks you to sit down so they can see, it’s nothing personal. They just want to see the show.
  4. Following someone to the bathroom to call her a “rude b*tch” because she said she couldn’t see when you were repeatedly climbing over the seat in front of her isn’t classy. It’s creepy.
  5. It’s also uncalled for to start cursing out people who ask you to sit down so they can see.
  6. Singing along at concerts is a given. Just wait for the artist to actually start singing.
  7. Don’t volunteer to sing with said artist if you don’t know the words to her song.
  8. Also don’t volunteer to sing with said artist if you’ve been rejected from American Idol or The Voice in the first round.
  9.  Use bug spray at outdoor concert venues, but not the over-poweringly scented kind. Spray ahead of time, and don’t create a cloud around you once you’re in your seat.
  10. There’s nothing better than a live performance by someone you admire.