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My Uncle’s Wedding

I tend to love children’s books. My imagination and love for adventure, combined with my not-so-secret yearning and desire for a family of my own one day, occasionally leads me down a guilty pleasure path on YouTube: watching my favorite children’s books being read (or sung) outloud. Apparently, there’s a new genre of children’s literature where stories are read and posted online! It blows my mind.


A few weeks back, in my YouTube adventures, I stumbled across a fabulous channel called “Gay Family Values.” It’s an amazing channel run by two dads about their family, their lives, and things that affect them in the world.

I watched one of their videos, which introduced me to a fabulous children’s book called “My Uncle’s Wedding” by Eric Ross. The story is told from Andy’s point of view. Like any inquisitive child, he talks about his uncle’s wedding, what it means to him, and all the things that need to be done to prep for a wedding ceremony.

You can watch it being read by the lovely dads of Gay Family Values here:


Personally, I love this book! As a grad student prepping to enter the English education field, I am constantly learning about new ways to teach “touchy” subjects in the classroom to students of various age groups. (Let me just make it clear that same-sex marriage is not a touchy subject in my eyes, just in the eyes of society as a whole. Everyone should be able to marry anyone they want!) This book is the perfect way to explain same-sex marriage to younger age groups without bringing in the big hullaballoo that seems to be associated with talking about anything LGBT in the classroom. (Which, by the way, is complete BS because, as a lesbian educator, every word that comes out of my mouth is connected to something LGBT– me! If you can trust me to teach your children about the basics of literature and writing, you should be accepting of who I am.)

I highly recommend that you share this book with your local elementary schools, the children in your lives, and your local same-sex marriage naysayer. If this book doesn’t explain why same-sex marriage is the same and just as beautiful as other relationships in a way even the youngest of children can understand, I don’t know what will.

My Uncle’s Wedding 


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