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Since I’ve become engaged, one of the biggest struggles I’ve faced has been trying to find resources that aren’t 100% hetero-based. While I love my hetero (and hetero appearing) friends, sometimes it just hurts to not find something I can relate to in my search for the perfect wedding.

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So, I created a new website ( because there are literally NO online guides for the gay bride. I’m not sure what this will turn into, but I’m hopeful it’ll become a place for not only myself, but other lovely ladies planning two-bride weddings as well.

It’s not completely done yet, and I’ve been working on this instead of grading papers, but dang it, it’s important that I feel represented.

So, check it out. Follow GBG on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

I’m your token gay boy.

I have a bit of a Buzzfeed addiction.

Today, I was slightly offended by the title of a quiz I took– “Which Gay Best Friend Are You?”

Outside of my “group of gays,” I’m totally EVERYONE’s token gay best friend. It’s awesome. Nonetheless, I took the quiz to see which stereotypical gay pop culture phenomenon I was considered.

I’m Kurt Hummel, aka everyone’s favoritely flamboyant token gay boy.

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Call me Kurt.

The actual quiz results say:

You’re bright and intelligent, if not a tad naive. When people don’t notice you right away, you make sure they take notice quickly. You’re most comfortable in the spotlight and in front of the pack, always making sure your friends are right there with you. Never stop reaching, because out of all your friends you are the most likely to succeed.

I guess all of this is kind of true, but I still wish I had the ability to sing show tunes. I do appreciate how I’ve always been considered a stereotypical gay man though.

Which token gay best friend are you? Do you think Buzzfeed quizzes are accurate?

Engaygement Questions

"Congrats! You're engayged! Now let me ask you a ton of personal, inappropriate questions!"

“Congrats! You’re engayged! Now let me ask you a ton of personal, inappropriate questions!”

Now that I’ve been engayged for a whopping 2 months, most of the people in my life know that I’m engayged. However, when a new person finds out about my news, I’m usually asked a series of– dare I say it– stupid or inappropriate questions about my engaygement. Now, some of these questions are typical of any enga(y)gement, but there are a few that seem to be focusing on the fact that there are 2 brides in my engaygement story.

Here are the top 10 Enga(y)gement questions I’ve regularly been asked:

  1. Do your parents know?

    No. I’ve decided to not tell my parents one of the biggest pieces of news in my entire life.(Yes, they do know.)

  2. Are your parents happy for you?

    No. They think it’s horrible that I’ve found someone who loves me, treats me like a queen, and is an all around amazing person to spend my life with. It really upsets them.(They’re super excited! V actually asked for their blessings before she proposed and they’re very happy to be welcoming her into our family.)

  3. Who proposed to who? Was it weird?

    V proposed to me. Our engaygement was a little weird, but only because I was being super romantic and saying how there were dead Mobster bodies in the moonlit water front V was proposing to me by. The whole girlfriend proposing to me thing wasn’t weird because– imagine this– it was romantic and I love her.

  4. Who gets the bridal shower?

    When there are two brides, I imagine the brides get the bridal shower. Also…a lot of people are now choosing to do “Wedding Showers” where both parties are invited to the shower.

  5. Will both of you wear a dress?

    If you’re asking me this you probably haven’t met my fiancée, who hasn’t worn a dress in years. We’ll both wear what we’re comfortable wearing, which will most likely be a frilly, lacy dress for me and a slick looking tux for V.

  6. Did you get engayged because it’s legal (in New Jersey)  now? Did you know it’s legal now?

    We got engayged because V got down on one knee, asked me to marry her, and I said yes because I love her.Yes, I did know it’s legal now. It was just a coincidence that we can now be considered human beings and legally get married in our home state.

  7. Have you set a date?

    Okay, this is the one question I always have an answer to: Yes. We both want a fall wedding, and we both want to be able to actually afford our wedding, so, as long as we can officially book it at the venue, we’re aiming to get married on Sunday, November 1st, 2015.

  8. Are there only going to be girls in your wedding?

    Well, believe it or not, lesbians actually know people who do not identify as females. For example, both V & I have brothers who will be a part of our wedding. Also, our wedding will consist of “our people,” not the bridesmaids or groomsmen.

  9. Can you get married in a church? Will you get married in a church? Can you even find a pastor who will marry you?

    I’m sure we can get married in a church. Can you tie your shoe?We won’t get married in a church, but mainly because we found our dream venue where we can hold both our ceremony and our reception.

    I’m sure we can find a pastor who would marry us. We even have a Deacon friend who has offered to, although we would like her to be a part of our wedding party.

  10. Who’s going to have the babies?
    How are you going to have babies?
    When are you going to have babies?

    Oy vey. I hate the baby question. WE’LL PROCREATE WHEN WE WANT, PEOPLE.I’ll probably pop out the spawn.

    I’ll probably get knocked up.

    I’ll probably have spawn after 9 months of incubation in my womb, give or take.

    If this doesn’t work out, we’ll look at other options. We both want to have kids one day, but, when you’re a lesbian, these things take time and planning.

What questions were you constantly asked when you became engaged or engayged??