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To be frank with you…

Frank & I, Rutgers Mark Conference 2014

Frank & I, Rutgers Mark Conference 2014

I really didn’t think Frank remembered how he’d asked me to send him an email after we spoke a few weeks ago.

Then I got a Facebook notification from my friend Lizz today, and I found out something pretty cool:

Frank had shared my story– and thank you note– on the PostSecret Twitter account.


This is a pretty cool start to my week.

If you’re visiting my site from that tweet, be sure to follow both of my sites…



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The key to self-discovery

In honor of BlogHer13 being less than a month away, I will be trying to post regularly about my growth as a blogger in the past year.

I went to BlogHer12 as a new, inexperienced blogger. I didn’t know much about blogging… Or much about myself. The experiences I had, and the people I met through blogging have given me the courage and strength to embark on a journey of self-discovery and growth through my writing. While I’ve had my ups and downs over the past year, one thing has remained the same: my blog has been my outlet.


I guess you could almost say BlogHer and blogging has been a key part of my journey this past year.