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10 Minute Musings #7

I haven’t been posting some of my ten minute musings from class because they’re much too personal for me to share even with the readers of GingerSass! Here’s my latest ten minute musing from yesterday (Saturday) morning.

10 minutes

Just when I reach a moment of despair and decide that I probably won’t be attending any conferences this summer, the unexpected happens: a complete stranger contributes to my online fundraiser for BlogHer ’12.

What the what?!

I set up a fundraiser on, which is a knock off of KickStarter for fundraisers. (Fun tidbit: You cannot raise money on KickStarter for a website or event, only projects with actual physical results.) I tweeted a bunch of celebrities asking for donations, and I hashtagged #BlogHer12 like crazy, not expecting any results.

Twenty four hours later, a woman I didn’t even know made the first contribution of $10. Now, $10 may not seem like a lot, but that’s almost half of a round trip ticket to the city, 5 trips on the subway, the handling fees online for purchasing a BlogHer full conference pass, etc. Knowing that someone who doesn’t even know me believes in my cause enough to donate any money at all really means more than I can ever express.

Even if I get sponsors to donate hundreds of dollars, DragynAlly will always hold a special place in my heart because she’s the first one to say she believes in me and my blogging dreams. Her donation motivated me to set up a donor awards system for donations, and to apply for various scholarships I’ve been finding online. While I don’t know how long GingerSass will be a part of my life, I know that it will always be a significant portion of my life. Writing has helped me overcome so much this past year, and I cannot even begin to express how much it means to me to be (slowly) making my writing dreams come true.

You can sponsor part of my journey to BlogHer ’12 by clicking here.


BlogHer ’12 Sponsorship Needed!

BlogHer is holding a conference in New York City in the beginning of August. BlogHer ’12 is a wonderful opportunity for me to network, meet other bloggers, and connect with others who share my love for writing. As a grad student, I’d normally be able to pay for a student pass. Unfortunately, they are all sold out.

BlogHer ’12
August 2 – 4, 2012
Hilton New York, NY

What is BlogHer ’12?

BlogHer is a conference that is pen to anyone and everyone who considers themselves part of the blogosphere. Although the audience is mainly women, 10-15% of attendees are men! The focus of these conferences are to highlight the skills and talents of women bloggers. All genders, ages, ethnicities, and levels of blogging experience are welcome at BlogHer.

Bloggers gain and increase their skills and knowledge in many different areas of blogging. The conferences comprises of more than 2,500 qualified and targeted blog affiliates. BlogHer provides high quality content on a range of topics, with all blogs continually edited to meet strict editorial standards, including content quality, category relevance, blog frequency, increasing traffic, business skills, etc. Bloggers attend classes or discussion groups that are aimed at improving each bloggers content and knowledge.

You can learn more about the conference at the official BlogHer ’12 website.


Between the BlogHer conference pass, transportation, and incidentals, my costs are estimated to be about $500. While $500 may not seem like a lot in the grand scheme of things, for a broke grad student on limited income, this means the difference between eating for a month or surviving on ramen noodles. Every little bit helps, and I’d be eternally grateful for any contributions.

Soooo I’ve set up an award system for sponsoring my journey to BlogHer ’12!

Super Star Sponsor Extraordinaire
$250+…If you’re in my local area, or if you attend BlogHer ‘12, I will personally take you out on the town and be your date (or frate, “friend date,” if you prefer) for the evening! You also get a free sponsored ad on GingerSass for 1 year! I’ll tell everyone how amazing you are and how much you’ve changed my life. You’ll get nothing but eternal gratefulness and good PR from me. (Plus everything in the lower donations.)

Gold Sponsor
$100+… I will write you a poem dedicated to you personally, sign a picture of myself and pretend it’s a headshot, and write a post on my site dedicated to you, your business, or the cause of your choosing. (Plus everything in the lower donations.)

Silver Sponsor
$75+… I will give you a shout out on my site, send you GingerSass stickers, and draw you a picture. (I almost went to art school so it’s guaranteed to not be a stick figure!) (Plus everything in the lower donations.)

Bronze Sponsor
$50+… I will send you a fancy hard copy of one of my poems, some GingerSass business cards, and my eternal gratefulness. (Plus everything in the lower donations.)

Sassy Sponsor
$20+… I will send you a pdf of some of my musings, poetry, and a personal email thanking you for your amazingness. (Plus everything in the lower donations.)

Sponsor Sweetheart
$1+…. You will get my eternal gratefulness, guaranteed follow back on Twitter or Facebook, a Facebook post thanking your awesomeness, a Twitter post thanking you personally, and utter disbelief that you are kind enough to contribute to my dreams.

So what are you waiting for? If you have change to spare, click here to sponsor me today!!!