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Rejection reminiscing

Today was a day of ups and downs. My post from yesterday has been floating around the internet. I was asked to speak at a University symposium in March. I had Chinese food for dinner. I also found out a panel I was really excited about and had proposed for BlogHer14 was rejected, which ultimately means I can’t afford to go/ justify going to the Conference.

I like this fortune.

I like this fortune.

It does hurt a little bit that my panel was rejected, but moreso because I was super excited about a potentially awesome panel discussing the intersection of working in education with one’s blogging identity than the fact that I don’t cope well with rejection. The intersection of various identities is something I’m very passionate about, and education is ingrained in my soul. My kindness will apparently lead to my success so I guess I’ve just got to be kind– and patient– and somehow make this panel happen somewhere, someway.

BlogHer reintroduced me to writing. It introduced me to blogging, and it gave me a source of motivation and inspiration to allow my thoughts and words to grow. I found lifelong friends I wouldn’t have found otherwise. Most importantly, I found the ability to believe in myself and my dreams of being a writer once again. I’m saddened to be saying “No way” to San Jose, but I’m grateful for all that BlogHer has offered me in the years past. Without it, I don’t think I’d be who I am today.

We’re he-eerrrre.

Taylor and I have arrived in Chicago for BlogHer’13! We’ve been here a few hours, and the afternoon/ evening has already included:

Staring at the beautiful view from our hotel room

Chicago water front view from sheraton


Taylor introducing me to/ me trying my very first Chicago deep dish pizza

chicago deep dish pizza

Me taking tourist-y photos of the BlogHer banners covering the city of Chicago

blogher chicago


I also just had my fitting for the BlogHer’13 fashion show, which was a fun experience.

Right now we’re relaxing in our hotel room before heading out for an evening of fun.

I can’t guarantee I’ll be updating during the conference, but one thing’s for sure—

we’re ready to take Chicago by storm.

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I’m still a wannabe 1950’s housewife.


Yesterday was a really wonderful day. I cooked not one but TWO meals! I love cooking, as evidenced by my experiences during Hurricane Sandy, and it only seemed fitting that “cook a meal for a friend” was a #23til23 challenge.

My mom gave me my brother’s crock pot the other day, as he’s finished with school and living at home again. I tried it out and made a squash-pine nut-pepper-onion-cheese recipe and it turned out pretty well.

Screen Shot 2013-01-23 at 11.33.21 PM

First, I had my friend over for lunch. He’s moving to Florida next week and I’m pretty devastated. It was really nice to sit back, relax, and show my appreciation for him with food. I really love cooking for others.

Then, after work, I made V dinner for the first time… and it was a success! I felt all fancy-schmancy playing hostess, and it felt really great to be taking care of someone who has taken such good care of me.

Plus, she bought me this cupcake from Crumbs. It’s a s’mores cupcake. I’ve yet to try it, but I’ll probably want to marry it when I do. I snagged a small sampling of the chocolate chips on it and they were Heavenly… I’m really looking forward to trying this bit of cupcake Heaven!

Screen Shot 2013-01-23 at 11.42.07 PM

Update: Writing this post motivated me to eat the cupcake. HOLYCRAP. There’s a marshmallowy filling and I’m in love with it.

2013-01-23 23.44.43

I totally love cooking for others. Please let me know if you want me to cook for you…as long as you’re willing to come to me. I charge extra for delivery.

Happy cooking, folks!

Oh, and this is my drawing of myself. I’m in love with a cupcake. Sorry, V. You have chocolatey competition.

cupcake love