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Sassy Healing: A new monthly project by GingerSass

Sassy Healing
A monthly project by GingerSass

I’ve recently started working on the idea of having a featured Etsy shop of the month* on my site. The logic behind this is a lot of Etsy shops are started by people who have found a craft or past time to get them through a tough time, and then decided to share their crafts with the world.

For me, I renewed my love of photography after the suicide of my friend, Lauren, who was a wonderfully talented photographer. I purchased a new, higher-quality camera on Black Friday this past November, and I began taking photographs around campus, imitating some of the photos Lauren took. Eventually I started shooting more nature shots and playing with different lighting effects. After one particular “photoshoot,” I opened my Etsy shop, where I sell prints of my work. Eventually I’m going to be selling custom iron-on clothing, tote bags, and onesies as well. All of this, combined with GingerSass, has helped me get through this past year.

I think a lot of people have started Etsy shops after finding the strength to get through hard times through crafts and hobbies. What is your story? What hobby/ craft did you pick up to get you through a rough time? What acted as your therapy? Why did you start your Etsy shop? I want to know. Simply submit the form below to me to apply to be a part of “Sassy Healing” and be considered as one of the Etsy shops of the month.

I’d also like to be able to review one of your products in my post about your Etsy site. I think it’s really important, in order for me to better understand your story, to be able to physically appreciate one of your products and review it for my readers. We can work out the logistics of what product I review and such when you apply to be a part of “Sassy Healing.”

Thank you for reading, and I hope to be able to work with you soon!

Sassy Healing Interest Form

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*frequency liable to change depending on amount of interested Etsy shop owners

Today has been a good day.

Today has been a good day.

I woke up, and my curls were basically PERFECT. This rarely happens.

I reached 100 posts! Wooooo!

I wore a lot of pink, a color I love but don’t own enough of, and I got a ton of compliments on how well matched my headband, earrings, necklace, and shirt were with my eye makeup.

I opened a new checking/ savings account and it was relatively painless. I even got $25!

I parallel parked in NB and didn’t kill anyone. As an added bonus, there was over an hour left on the meter when I parked!

I ate a leisurely lunch at one of my favorite eateries near campus for free. (Thank you, Living Social!) It was delicious.

I sat in a park and people watched/ wrote/ studied, and there was a beautiful breeze, sunshine, and overall bliss. A bird also decided to use my shorts as a toilet, but I’m told that is good luck.

A church group gave me a free bottle of water EXACTLY WHEN I REALIZED HOW THIRSTY I WAS. I asked what the catch was (I’m a bit skeptical of anything being free) and they told me they were just giving out water because it was hot out. (And to promote their Sunday services, but I’ll let that slide.)

I went to my university’s library and had the entire cafe to myself to study in! (It’s closed for the summer, but open for studying, so I embraced it.)

I then went to another part of the library, and I remembered that, as a a grad student, I now have Special Library Privileges (aka I can go into the Grad Student area and not be bothered by stupid underclassmen).

I found out today that, by the end of July, I’ll have two jobs. (This is a good thing.)

I spent a lot of my day studying for the Praxis I’m taking on Wednesday, and I know more than I thought I did!

I finally blogged about Taylor & Mike’s wedding, and we decided to collaborate on a fantastic blog post idea in the near future! I’m super excited about it.

I went on an impromptu photoshoot of an old cemetery, and subsequently decided to create an Etsy store of my photography. Other, more sassy items are coming soon!

Again, today is a good day. <3

Why are you having a good day?

When you wear your pussy shirt to a straight bar after seeing The Vagina Monologues…

Soooo on Friday I went to see my friend, Ladina, in a production of The Vagina Monologues. Going to The Vagina Monologues is like going to a drag show– if you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all.

Nonetheless, I was very excited to see Ladina in this production. She’s my poefy (wifey in poetry class) and the first person to regularly treat the GingerSass twitter like a celesbian account. She’s absolutely fabulous, and to honor her fabulousity, I wanted to get her a chocolate vagina.

I’ve been telling Ladina that I wanted to get her a chocolate vagina for weeks, and, much to my surprise, it’s very difficult to find a chocolate vagina for sale. I called numerous local bakeries, candy shops, and sex stores, and they all had the same answer: No chocolate vaginas, but plenty of chocolate dicks and boobs. RUDE.

So, I went on Etsy and special ordered Ladina a chocolate vagina.

Unfortunately, it didn’t come in time for her performance so I made Ladina a sign instead.

I also decided to show Ladina my support and love for her by wearing a vagina shirt. Specifically, I wore a tshirt I won on the night of my birthday at a club that reads, “You may have stripped me of my rights, but I still get more pussy than you.” Now, I’m not one that wears conversation tees often, and when I do, they typically don’t have a political meaning behind them. However, my pussy shirt got A LOT of attention.

Drinks with the Poefy!

At the New Orleans-themed straight bar we went to after the show, a lot of guys stared at my chest. (I should pause for a moment and mention that this was the first time I’ve been to a straight bar for something other than happy hour in a long time so I felt a bit out of place at first.) After reading my shirt, some guys high fived me. Others looked visibly pissed (and perhaps a bit less masculine). A few girls grabbed on to their boyfriends a bit harder. I was hit on quite a bit, and my shirt ended up getting me a few free drinks. Ladina pretended to be my girlfriend for the evening so we wouldn’t be hit on by strange men (ha, like that stopped them!), but all in all I had a blast!

Being an asshole and taking pics of myself in the mirror at the bar

If nothing else, I learned that showing off your pussy at the bar gets you free drinks.

Oh, and The Vagina Monologues was wonderful. Ladina (and the rest of the cast) did a wonderful job! :)