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Ten Minute Musings #11

Note- today was the last day of class. I’m still going to try to do the 10 minute musings, but today’s the last time I did them officially.

10 minutes

Working with incoming first year students this summer has reminded me of how naïve eighteen year olds can be. They think they know everything, that they’re unstoppable, and that they’re about to rule the world during their college years.

They are so…young.

I’d love to hold a session for incoming students where I tell them nothing but the truth. College isn’t like the movies. You may or may not talk to the people you meet on your first day of college  at the time of graduation. Friendships will be made, and friendships will be lost. Love, or something like it, could come into your life when you least expect it, in the most surprising form. You may also lose that love if you happen to encounter it. You could potentially experience death firsthand. Not everybody parties their asses off every night of the week… and the people who do end up being Those Creepy People Who Are 45 And Living in Frat Houses. Sometimes dining hall food blows, and other times it’s amazing (especially if you’ve happened to experienced The Ramen Noodle Diet). Clubs & activities are fun, but sometimes you’ll be too lazy, overworked, and exhausted to do anything but lay in your bed watching re-runs of mindless television shows.The bottom line is no matter what happens, college is not a tv movie. It’s not all fun and glorious and The Time of Your Life.

But what do I know? I’m not an eighteen year old. I never thought I was unstoppable and conquering the world when I was a first year…

I obviously never tried to dress like an 80′s chick for a party my freshman year of college…