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End-of-summer denial

I’m in denial.

It’s currently 11:24pm, Eastern Standard Time, and I should be in bed, asleep.

Instead, I made myself a sandwich with leftovers from our bridal shower yesterday, and ended up watching a new show on Netflix (Grace and Frankie), even though I had all intentions of watching Gilmore Girls.

Today, I went outlet shopping and bought shirts, skirts, and pants for school and the honeymoon. I accidentally lost weight this past year, and most of my teacher drag looks like teacher bags pulled over my head.

Tomorrow, I have to welcome a new school year with my fellow teachers. It’s the first day for teachers, not students. Over the next few weeks, we don’t have a single 5-day school week in September due to “Fall Recess.” I’d like to motion that we take those collective days off and move them to this week and next.

The weather this coming week is perfect beach weather.

My classroom was all set up over a week ago so I could savor my last week of summer.

2 out of my 3 syllabi are completed.

I have this first week of school planned out.

Yet, I’m not ready.

I’m in denial.

Summer can’t end.








Today I’m feeling as happy and content as Max the last time I was at my mom’s and I let him lay on the actual couch.



After 2 years of being the nomad English teacher, I have one classroom next year.

My first year of teaching, I had 4.

My second year of teaching, I had 3.

Now, I have 1.

A new teacher (OMG I’m not a newbie anymore!) will be essentially taking over what my schedule was like and floating in between my classroom (that sounds so weird to say!!), the classroom I shared for the past 2 years, and another classroom.

This is so strange, beautiful, and glorious all at once. Now, excuse me while I go stalk Pinterest for classroom decorating ideas…


The Words

I haven’t been able to find the words lately.

I haven’t been able to find the words

I’m not sure what The Words are, or what they want to say, but I haven’t been able to find them.

They disappeared sometime a few months ago, around the time when I realized that standardized testing was around the corner, and that I couldn’t help my students with their freak-outs because I didn’t know what to expect.

Then again, we never really know what to expect, do we?

We prepped to the best of our ability. We stressed. We survived.

Now it’s time for conferences.

Spring Break, please hurry up.