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Day of Silence, 2013

Breaking SIlence flier

Tomorrow (well, technically today I suppose) I will be performing and speaking at a breaking-of-the-silence event for LGBT Youth. I’m still putting together everything I want to say and share with the young ‘uns tomorrow, but I think it’s important to recognize the Day of Silence.

I actually recently watched the one of the first video essay things I made in hopes of gaining inspiration for tomorrow’s event. In the video (Featured below), which is a combo slideshow/ blog-type-thing, I reflected on why the Day of Silence was so important to me in 2008, as well as why it mattered so much. It was really cute how I tried to make it seem like I participated in DoS for my gay and lesbian friends, and that I was a straight ally. It’s not like me being a founding member of the hs GSA, wearing a suit to school, or the fact that I used a song from “The L Word” screamed that I was gay or anything. I was trying so hard to not give away my sexuality in this video. It was such a cute baby dyke moment for me. Who knows? Maybe I’ll inspire some baby dykes tomorrow.

Also. Look at how young I was! I was thin! I had long hair! I hadn’t started waxing my eyebrows yet! This video is a gem, I tell ya.

Have you ever participated in the Day of Silence? What did the experience mean to you?