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#23til23: Expecting the unexpected


Today I didn’t do much of anything. I slept in. I became glued to the news coverage of the ferry crash in Manhattan this morning. I picked up some paperwork to complete, and I went grocery shopping. I treated myself to some “fancy cheese” and pita chips, and I left the grocery store with a smile on my face.

Then I realized the smile on my face wasn’t because of the cheese, although that definitely was a factor, but because I am actually happy for the first time in awhile. Actually, that’s a lie– I’ve been happy. But, for the first time in awhile, I am happy with every single aspect of my life.

So far, 2013 has been quite the journey. I rang in the year with the people who gave me life– my parents– and my dog, and it has been a whirlwind of happiness since. #23til23 began. I have found myself enjoying the little things, planning big adventures, and overall really appreciating every day since I began this journey.

You know what else I’ve enjoyed?

Seeing the love and support of my friends in my happiness.

I went “Facebook official” on Sunday night that I was in a relationship, and you would’ve thought the world exploded with the amount of love and support I received from my friends on Facebook. Then I tweeted the following, and I received even more love from my twitter followers and blogging friends.

Screen Shot 2013-01-09 at 11.49.30 PM

All of this is still very new to me, as I was just bitching about being single at Christmastime a few weeks ago! (Oddly enough, that’s one of my most viewed posts…)

My girlfriend, who shall be known as V from henceforth on, is genuinely sweet, kind, caring, and wonderful. She treats me like a princess, which is something I’m not used to. The fact that she actually cares about me, is happy for me when I succeed, and is very supportive of me as a blogger and writer BLOWS MY MIND. I actually texted her asking if I could mention her on my blog because she makes me happy, and she responded, “I’m flattered actually. Thanks for asking, and yes, that’s fine with me!” A moment later, she added, “Flattered may not even be the right word… honored? Blown away? lol”

GingerSass has become my baby, and the fact that I have a girlfriend that supports my baby and encourages me with its growth and development is mindblowing to me. It’s also mindblowing to have had someone so wonderful come into my life so unexpectedly. So, for today’s #23til23 moment, I’m totally going all braggy about my gf.

Also, she has two really adorable dogs who have quickly become my best friends.

Life is good.

What else could a girl ask for, expect maybe some more #23til23 challenges? 😉

What the what?!

So a few weeks ago, as a joke and a social experiment, I posted a personal ad on CL looking for my Liz Lemon.

(Click here to see that post.)

The ad read:

I’m a SWF full time grad student looking for my Liz Lemon. Be a nerd. Play The Sims. Have a love of food. Read obscure books. Don’t be afraid to be awkward. Save truly awkward scenarios by being even more awkward and embarrassing yourself. Be that endearing nerd that everybody loves, and win me over with your quirks. Be Liz Lemon… but with confidence. (Because, you know, you’re awesome if you’re a real life Liz Lemon.) I want to go there.

Ask me out, and let’s go grab some coffee, people watch, and make up stories about the people as we watch them. Who knows? Maybe we’ll find we love each other’s company and get to know each other better. If not… blurgh. 

Hope to hear from you soon 🙂  

I really wanted to see what sorts of people would respond to a CL post from someone looking for a Liz Lemon. (Because, at the end of the day, isn’t that what we all want?)

So far, I’ve gotten one message from a guy offering to have me in a threesome, one chick that sounds like Tracy Jordan (“hey whats up babygirl just passin thru making new friends..what do u say we get together n have some fun? 😉 ” ), quite a few chicks looking for their first time with another woman, a few people who did not understand my 30 Rock references and thought I was a sad, pathetic soul looking for pity/ a sugar mama, and, finally, someone WHO ACTUALLY UNDERSTOOD THAT MY PERSONAL AD WAS A JOKE! She was snarky, made 30 Rock jokes about my ad, and asked if I could tell her a little bit about the real me.

I think Liz Lemon may have just met her match.

What the what?!

Dating Tips & Tricks: Send them in!

Sooo I’ve decided to do something very exciting in honor of the 3 month anniversary of me owning

I’m going to post a video blog!

And not just any video blog… a video blog where I share your tricks & tips in the dating world! (I’m gearing this more towards the lesbian dating world, but hey, if you don’t fall into this category, feel free to contribute nonetheless! The more advice the merrier!) Do you have a specific way you pout to pick up women? Do you play hard to get? Do you just be yourself from the get-go? When do you pull out the short skirts and high heels? What’s a sure-fire way to land a second date?

Fill out the form below, submit your tips and tricks, and let the fun unfold! Thanks for your help! 🙂