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Post BlogHer12 Depression/ Hangover

I’ve had hangovers before, but this one is certainly the worst.

It’s been a week now since I’ve left my BlogHer buddies behind in NYC, and I feel as though I’m mourning the loss of a loved ones.

For a few days, no matter where I stepped, there were people who understood me. They spoke my language. They understood what Twitter is, and why I occasionally needed to pause and take an ironic photo relatable to my online identity.

These were my people.

As soon as I discovered them, they were taken away. BlogHer12 ended. We all bid farewell, hugged, and said we’d see each other next year.

I’m not coping with this loss very well. In fact, I’d even venture to say I’ve entered a Post-BlogHer12 Depression.

I keep anticipating running into smart, intellectual, thought-provoking individuals on a daily basis. I don’t understand why others don’t understand my frustrations of slow Twitter loading times. I feel lonely in my blogger-less world.

I want to live in a world where everyone around me can have an articulate discussion on real life issues.

I want people to go “Ohhhhhh” when I reveal my names other than Kailynn.

I want to be able to drool over my favorite bloggers in person. (Metaphorically speaking, of course.)

I want to pile all of my favorite bloggers onto an island where we can mock society, make dirty jokes, have intellectual discussions, and drink on someone else’s tab all day.

I want to spend all day every day catching up on tweets, emails, and posts.

Most importantly, I want to spend hours upon hours with inspirational women who have made me cry, laugh, and feel validation for my writing. BlogHer12 helped me feel as if I’m finally doing what I’m meant to be doing in this world.

BlogHer13 can’t come soon enough.

Until I write a series of posts dedicated to BlogHer12…

Here’s a small glimpse of what the experience included.

-GingerSass went to Ginger’s Bar (like you didn’t see that one coming!)

-chilling with the Jimmy Dean sun

-running into Dani Shay outside of the Hilton where the conference was held and having a discussion about blogging, MySpace, and AfterEllen

-meeting the Lorax

I had an amazing time, and I honestly don’t even know where to begin writing about it!