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Dear Ellen, 2014

Every year since I’ve turned 18, I’ve written to Ellen DeGeneres for our birthday (January 26th). This year, I decided to reflect on how much I’ve changed since I first wrote to Ellen. (I have a 1500 character limit so forgive the abbreviations.)

How have you changed since you were 18?


Ellen and I both had an exciting 2013.

Ellen and I both had an exciting 2013.

Dear Ellen,

This is perhaps a futile attempt at a letter to you, as I’ve written to you every year since I’ve turned 18, but it’s a tradition to wish us a happy birthday!

When I was turning 18/ you were turning 50, I was a senior in high school, writing to you because you were funny & could dance, but really because you were the strongest lesbian role model I could see. Being a closested high school senior wasn’t fun, but your show would always make me dance.

When I was turning 19, my letter to you was very weak, as was I. I was sickly, anemic, & recently diagnosed with ulcerative colitis. It was also my first year of college, and I was finally starting to see who I was.

For 20, I was living the high life. I was on the Dean’s list. I was a RA in a luxury hotel because my university ran out of housing.

For 21, I was fed up with having a winter birthday. I decided to throw a celebrity themed costume party. My ex and I dressed up as you & Portia. Our love didn’t last, but my love for you did. Portia’s book also helped me, a lot.

For 22, I sent a song to you online. I briefly forgot I couldn’t sing. The internet wasn’t kind, but oddly enough I ended up starting my blog & finding my niche on the web.

Last year, at 23, I freaked out. The 23 curse of love & change in my family’s life scared me.

Now, I’m turning 24, happy, engayged, a hs English teacher, & making a difference every day.

Happy birthday to us! Thank you for inspiring me so many years ago to be me.


Childhood dreams DO come true.

Childhood dreams DO come true.

When I was little, like many little princesses, I dreamt of being rich and famous when I grew up. Then, for awhile, I dreamt of being an icecream truck driver. (It seemed like the perfect job– making kids happy and an unlimited supply of icecream!) Eventually I grew older, wiser, and was determined to become a kindergarten teacher at Princeton University “because it was pretty and close to apple picking!” Throughout my early childhood, my dreams varied, but one theme remained constant: my love of making others smile. One of the things that always made me smile was spending time with my grandparents.

Growing up, I was fortunate enough to have my mom’s parents living in the same town as me. They raised me, right alongside my parents. They were supportive, loving, and everything grandparents should be. We always had a really special bond, and, to this day, I hold them very close to my heart.

Every week, on Tuesdays my younger siblings & I would be picked up by Grandpa after school and go back to his and Grandma’s house, where we would eat a snack (usually popcorn), do our homework, and eat dinner together. Grandpa would usually take the long way home from school, stopping at a park to play on a play ground or visit the animals. (We had a petting zoo very close by growing up.) Grandpa instilled a love of animals in us from a very young age. His love of animals, particularly birds, was contagious. Even though flapping pigeons freak me out now, I have a huge love of bird watching and identifying different birds.

One of the things we also did with my grandparents was watch Jack Hanna on tv or Jack Hanna VHS tapes. I became very acquainted with Jack and his crew, and I could sit for hours with my siblings and grandparents watching Jack Hanna go on all sorts of animal adventures. He was a huge part of my childhood, and I’d even venture to call him a childhood idol. If nothing else, I associate him and his adventures with my late grandpa, who means the world to me.

On Sunday, I went on an animal adventure of my own: last week, Groupon sent out an email about discounted tickets to see Jack Hanna 10 minutes away from where I live! I quickly convinced my sister and Grandma to go with me, and on Sunday we had THE TIME OF OUR LIVES.

We arrived at the theatre a bit early, and I had to stop in the restroom. When I came out, I walked over to Grandma and the sis AND JACK HANNA WALKED OUT BEHIND THEM. We took the opportunity to meet good ol’ Jack, and Grandma basically shoved me out of the way so she could have a picture with him because she “knew Jack longer.” Hehehe. I really appreciated how Jack took the time to meet with fans before the show, and how he even waited around afterwards to meet as many fans as possible.

Childhood dreams may be fleeting, but sometimes they really do come true.

<3 Maybe next time I’ll drive an ice cream truck.

And then there was that one time where everything awesome happened…

This week has been the best week ever.

Remember that fabulous show from VH1? I do.

I met the host, Chuck Nice, when I was a freshman in college.

Seriously, this week has been fantabulous.

I began my student teaching, and it wasn’t a complete disaster. In fact, I’d even venture to say it went pretty well. (I’ll probably post a separate post about that.)

My new job has been going pretty well, and I got my first paycheck today. That led to me grocery shopping like an adult and splurging on 20 yogurts, some sushi, and chicken. Yummmm.

There was a yogurt sale…can you tell???

Finally, what I’ve been waiting to share… why this has been the Best. Week. EVER.

I’m cutting to the chase… I’m one of nine NATIONAL FINALISTS to become Verizon’s next Ultimate Insider.

This whole blogging thing/ having my own website thing is really working out for me, and I found out last night that I’m one of nine (!!) national finalists to be the next Verizon Insider. If I won, I’d get a gig with Verizon through my blog where they’d give me a smart phone and pay me to attend movie premieres, interview celebrities, go to other cool events, and blog about it. I’d really love to win so if you want to vote for me (and share the link) I’d reeeeeeally appreciate it. You can vote as many times as you want by clicking here. 

You know what’s even cooler than finding out you’re a finalist in a national contest to be Verizon’s Ultimate Insider?

Showing up in AfterEllen’s Morning Brew by Trish Bendix.

I’ve blogged about AfterEllen before so you know they’re pretty awesome… but this really was the cherry on top of my week.

Want to make me even happier? Seriously, go vote for me to be the next Verizon Ultimate Insider. There’s a snarky essay I wrote you can read, and a hilarious video of me acting like a fool in front of a camera. Plus, ya know, it’s good for the gays if I win. This is sort of like if Rachel Maddow were running for President… if Rachel Maddow were a femme, and a blogger, and instead of President she was running to be an interviewer on E!…

Let me add ginger to your sass and choose me for this fabulous role!

This is what the next Verizon Ultimate Insider could like. Just sayin’.