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GingerSass - adding ginger to your sass

One week left of #23til23!



On January 4th I introduced you to #23til23. I also released a GingerSass app.

On January 5th I received my first #23til23 challenge from Lenore Reigel, the mother of Eden Riegel, aka my favorite Bianca from All My Children.

On January 6th I ruminated on what it’s like to have a pastor that actually does his job.

On January 7th I changed the look and feel of my site.

On January 8th I drank coffee while watching the sun set and found out I need my wisdom teeth removed.

On January 9th I introduced you all to V.

On January 10th I realized that Shonda Rhimes is my mortal enemy.

On January 11th I talked about the movie Brave, and being brave. I also got my tarot cards read.

On January 12th I bought my first pair of sneakers in 5 years and worked out. Hilarity ensued.

On January 13th I went mini-golfing with monsters.

On January 14th Michelle challenged me to draw myself every day for the rest of my #23til23 adventure.

On January 15th I had a hilarious moment at a Kosher Indian place I went to for lunch and drew myself in the shower with soap in my eyes.

On January 16th I bitched and moaned about my consultation with the oral surgeon to get my wisdom teeth removed. I also drew myself from the perspective of the oral surgeon.

On January 17th I barely typed because I was exhausted from Res Life training. I also drew myself as a unicorn.

On January 18th my brother graduated from UTI, his teacher played a “torquestra,” and I had my phone draw me because I was too tired to function when I got home.

There’s one week left of #23til23! As I said in my introduction post, join me in this journey! Check back every day for a #23til23 post. Follow the #23til23 hashtag. Retweet me and share my posts like there’s no tomorrow. Tweet meEmail me. Leave a comment on my blogFacebook, or Google+Tell me what you want to see me try to do, and, if I can manage it, I’ll try to accomplish it.

2013-01-14 20.58.36

Even though he’s pooped, my dog wants you to send me challenges. Who can say no to a face like that?!