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2012: A Year in Review

Tonight is the last Friday night of 2012, exactly one week after the world was supposed to end. A lot has happened in 2012, and I decided to highlight everything significant that happened to me this year, month by month.


It’s been one heck of a year at GingerSass.


Not much happened in January. I turned 22, which was actually a better birthday than my 21st. My friend convinced the bartender at a local bar that I should be given a free bottle of champagne because my 21st coincided with a blizzard and I didn’t get to celebrate. I received a stuffed unicorn and zebra print seat covers from my parents. I, once again, pleaded to Ellen as to why we should celebrate our birthday together and she ignored me. Ya know, the usual.


I made it onto PostSecret for the first time. Whitney Houston died and I was devastated so I wrote a poem. Ryan Murphy pissed me off so I wrote him an angry tumblr post turned into a letter, which he never responded to.


March was a very important month for me– I STARTED GINGERSASS! (All of the posts posted before March 25th were transferred from my tumblr site.) Fun fact– GingerSass was started because I was pretending to be an investigative reporter at the Sex, Love, and Dating Conference. Also, Adrienne Rich died, which devastated me. A lot.


April freaking rocked. Highlights of the month include:

volunteering with NOH8 and later being featured on their website
meeting Frank Warren at my first PostSecret event
saw an opera and a concert in one week
my Poefy (poetry-wifey) was fantabulous in The Vagina Monologues and I wrote about it


May was a good month for me. Obama came out in support of gay marriage. I won an award. I graduated college. Life was pretty awesome to me in May.


June was an interesting month. I started it out writing about suicide after finding out that the partner of my friend who had committed suicide also committed suicide. I wrote a bunch of 10 Minute Musings for a grad class and reconnected with myself. I came out to my family as a blogger, with the support of Cady McClain, aka Dixie from All My Children. I even inspired her alter-ego, Suzy F*cking Homemaker, to create an internet meme. Suzy also encouraged me to write a post on why I want to be a celesbian…so I did. I also  booked and performed my first paid poetry gig, which was pretty darn awesome.


July started off with a roadtrip to Massachusetts with Poefy to the wedding of Taylor and Mike. I basked in the glory of cheeseball goodness. (This post is still one of my most-visited posts, btw.) I fell in love with my job over the summer. I also figured out What Obama Taught Me. I indulged in Restaurant Week. Then I got serious about my blog, invested in an actually site host, got free magnets, and was overwhelmed by the idea of going to BlogHer. I also posted about teacher dress codes, which is also one of my most-visited posts of all time.


August started off with me going to BlogHer’12 and MY LIFE CHANGING FOREVER. I made so many blogging friends through BlogHer, and I’m going to (eventually) categorize them on her so you can so who I’m reading. I also won a happy hour party in August and celebrated with wings and food at a local bar with my friends. Woohoo! To top August off, I started my new job, got an apartment to go along with it, and ruminated on why Res Life will always be a part of me.


September was an emotional, crazy month. I had an awesome first week of September. I was a national runner up to be the next Verizon Ultimate Insider, mentioned on AfterEllen, and yogurt was on sale. I made it through the one year deathaversary of my friend’s suicide, and I participated in yet another walk for dead people. September was emotional, tough, and trying, but I got through it.


October started off with me reflecting on how much I love my car. I also met Jack Hanna, which was a childhood dream come true. I had a kickass lesson on bullying on National Coming Out Day and fell even more in love with teaching. I went to the Dodge Poetry Festival for the first time as an educator, and I helped my students fall in love with poetry. I met Geena Davis and she told me, “You’re changing the world to be a place I want to be in. Keep up the good work.” I saw Melissa Etheridge in concert. I survived Hurricane Sandy, was really upset that Sandy canceled Halloween, and was upset by the whole Sandy experience.


November feels like such a long time ago. I participated in NaBloPoMo for the first time and wrote about how I’m a Jersey girl, how Sandy domesticated me, and what Obama’s win meant to me. I also talked about bacon, ghosts, and just how important it was that I found my voice again by going to poetry open mics. I cut my hair, took silly webcam pics, and thought about my future. I ended my first NaBloPoMo experience by being grateful for stickers, and really having peace in knowing that I’m on the right track for what I want to do with my life.


December flew by. I think the biggest thing that happened to me this month, right before my student teaching internship ended, was that I realized why I want to teach. I arranged for an assembly for my Creative Writing students, and  it really changed my relationship with them forever. It taught one student to not be afraid to be who she is, and this, in return, encouraged me to come out to her. She then wrote me a note and made me cry. Then the Newtown, Connecticut shooting happened and it hit really close to home, as it was the first school shooting that has happened since I began student teaching. My students asked me if I would take a bullet for them, and I was able to respond honestly and say yes. Student teaching ended, and I managed to make it to the parking lot after school before crying. I got creeped out by the whole Elf on a Shelf phenomenon, but secretly loved my creepy little elf.

2012 was a year of growth. I rediscovered my writing identity, and GingerSass became a very large part of who I am. I’m grateful for the opportunities blogging has given me this past year, and I cannot wait to see what 2013 holds.

Happy New Year, folks! What are you looking forward to in 2013?

PS I’m not sure if I’ll be able to attend or not, but if you’ll be at home this NYE, consider joining in on #Tweetin13. There are prizes, fun people, and it’s hosted by two of my favorite ladies. Get on it!

And then there was that one time where everything awesome happened…

This week has been the best week ever.

Remember that fabulous show from VH1? I do.

I met the host, Chuck Nice, when I was a freshman in college.

Seriously, this week has been fantabulous.

I began my student teaching, and it wasn’t a complete disaster. In fact, I’d even venture to say it went pretty well. (I’ll probably post a separate post about that.)

My new job has been going pretty well, and I got my first paycheck today. That led to me grocery shopping like an adult and splurging on 20 yogurts, some sushi, and chicken. Yummmm.

There was a yogurt sale…can you tell???

Finally, what I’ve been waiting to share… why this has been the Best. Week. EVER.

I’m cutting to the chase… I’m one of nine NATIONAL FINALISTS to become Verizon’s next Ultimate Insider.

This whole blogging thing/ having my own website thing is really working out for me, and I found out last night that I’m one of nine (!!) national finalists to be the next Verizon Insider. If I won, I’d get a gig with Verizon through my blog where they’d give me a smart phone and pay me to attend movie premieres, interview celebrities, go to other cool events, and blog about it. I’d really love to win so if you want to vote for me (and share the link) I’d reeeeeeally appreciate it. You can vote as many times as you want by clicking here. 

You know what’s even cooler than finding out you’re a finalist in a national contest to be Verizon’s Ultimate Insider?

Showing up in AfterEllen’s Morning Brew by Trish Bendix.

I’ve blogged about AfterEllen before so you know they’re pretty awesome… but this really was the cherry on top of my week.

Want to make me even happier? Seriously, go vote for me to be the next Verizon Ultimate Insider. There’s a snarky essay I wrote you can read, and a hilarious video of me acting like a fool in front of a camera. Plus, ya know, it’s good for the gays if I win. This is sort of like if Rachel Maddow were running for President… if Rachel Maddow were a femme, and a blogger, and instead of President she was running to be an interviewer on E!…

Let me add ginger to your sass and choose me for this fabulous role!

This is what the next Verizon Ultimate Insider could like. Just sayin’.

My top 10 moments/rambles of BlogHer12!

In no particular order, these are my top 10 moments of BlogHer12.

1. Seeing Dorothy Snarker’s Face

So those of you who live outside of my world probably have no idea who Dorothy Snarker is, unless you read her blog or have visited AfterEllen. Dorothy is this fabulously amazing writer I’ve had a writing crush on since I first discovered her when I first started checking out AfterEllen 5 or 6 years ago. Her blog, Dorothy Surrenders, is “A gay gal’s guide to pop culture.” She recently ran a fundraiser to get some money towards a new computer, and she surpassed her $2,000 goal by over $10,000. That’s how much people love her. During the 5-6 years her blog has been around, she never posted a picture of herself. She was a complete mystery. As a thank you for raising so much money, she finally posted a picture of her face last month.

None of this really matters, except to tell you how awesome she is.

I met her at a panel she was doing on blogging for the love of it. I went up to her after it was over, and the conversation went something like this:

Me: “Hi-my-name-is-Kailynn,-I-have-a-blog-called-GingerSass-and-I’m-totally-having-a-fangirl-moment-and-telling-you-how-I’ve-been-reading-your-blog-for-5-or-6-years-when-I-first-came-out-and-I-just-wanted-to-say-you’re-awesome-and-I-really-enjoyed-your-session.”

Dorothy: (giving me a oh crap it’s a fangirl smile) “…What did you say your blog was again?”

Me: “GingerSass. Like Ginger’s Ass.”

Dorothy: (small laugh) “Well I’m really glad you enjoyed the session, Ginger Sass!”

Me: “I feel like an elitist because I got to see you in person.”

Dorothy: “Well, just don’t take my picture!” (laughs)

Me: “Okay! Well, uh, thanks for a great session. Bye.” (runs away)

Obviously I know how to play it cool with celesbians. I proceeded to tweet how much I enjoyed the session, and GUESS WHAT?!

Dorothy Snarker responded to me.

/end drooling

2. BHQueer

So I only made it to one official BlogHer12 party. I went to the Queerosphere party on Thursday night, and I met fabulous people from my #BHQueer twitterverse like @QueerieBradshaw, @StacyJill, @lifewithRoozle, @DeadCowGirl, @LoveHeckerty, @quirkyjessi. I met a lot of other fabulous people throughout the conference, but there’s something magical about meeting other bloggers at a party geared towards the queers with fancy drinks, music, and people. Thanks to @debontherocks for putting it all together!

A fancy drink picture. I was drinking a “Twitter Ribbon.”

3. Dani Shay!

Soooo there’s this chick named Dani Shay who you may or may not have heard of. She looks like Justin Bieber, she’s been on America’s Got Talent where she sang a song about how he stole her face, she was on The Glee Project 2, and she’s just awesome. In the 6 degrees of lesbian separation, I actually am friends with the chick who used to do her graphic design when she was first getting started… We all used to chat in MySpace groups back in the day.


On Friday, I walked outside the Hilton where the conference was being held, and walked past a hot butch girl. I guess she noticed me staring cuz she said “Hey,” and I mumbled a hey before I kept walking. AND THEN I REALIZED IT WAS DANI SHAY. I walked back, told her I was about to have a fangirl moment, and asked if she was Dani Shay. She said yes, confirming that she wasn’t another lesbian look alike, and she asked me why I was in the city. I told her about BlogHer, and she seemed really interested. She asked if I’d met anyone cool, and I rambled about Dorothy Snarker, AfterEllen, and assumed she knew what I was talking about. She got excited because AfterEllen had just interviewed her a few months ago. I asked her how she was enjoying the city, and she said she was having fun. I then asked if I could take a MySpace picture with her (I’m obviously really cool) and she said sure. Then after I took it she asked me if I liked it. That was so unexpected and sweet, and I said yea, because, well, I already felt awkward bothering her. After all, she was another human being first and a celesbian second. She kept talking a bit, and then I said, “Okay, well, I’m not going to bother you anymore. Thank you so much! Enjoy your trip. Bye.” I then took off. (I’m noticing a pattern when I run into celesbians.)

GingerSass and Dani Shay… Need I say more?

4. The Fabulouso Panels

The panels were really freaking fantabulous. I’m not going to ramble about all of them because then I’ll be going on forever, but I was blown away by how well thought out, articulated, and amazing each and every panel session was. I learned so, so much, and I really wish BlogHer could’ve been longer so I could’ve learned more!

5. Being recognized by big name bloggers

It’s really cool when Big Name Bloggers recognize little name bloggers. I even wrote a blog about it.

6. Lunch with a Dragyn

I went to Lunch with a Dragyn, aka my first blogging friend, and I lived to tweet about it!

It was really nice to go to lunch with other bloggers and interact with others I knew online in person. I made a lot of fabulous friends that I hung out with throughout the conference, and I’m so glad Dana put it together!

picture courtesy of Dragyn! Check out her post that mentions the lunch here!

7. Being fancy and going to a rooftop party in Manhattan

On Thursday night, I went to the California Dreams party for single ladies. It was actually pretty fancy! I went with my new friend Jana, and we drank delicious wine on a Manhattan rooftop, spun a wheel to win some foot petals, and left with some swag bags of Avon products, vodka, and fun. I felt really elite that night.

Fanciness. That wine was divine, btw.

8. OMG my nails!

Sooo Kiss nails were one of the brands that made an appearance at BlogHer12. As a die hard nail polish addict, I was very interested in what they had to offer. You know what was really impressive? Their imPRESS nails! (pun somewhat intended.) (and no I’m not being paid to write about them)


These nails take press on nails to a whole new level! I remember playing with press on nails as a kid and having them fall off almost immediately. With these, you look through the set and find the nail that fits your fingers. Each nail has little tabs on the back, which you peel off to reveal the glue stuff. The nails are amazing because they’re not, as I said to the woman who was getting her nails put on next to me, stereotypical 90s “hooker nails.” (No offense to anyone who may be a sex worker.) The nails are short enough that I can touch up my eye makeup without worrying about scratching my eyes out, I can close the clasps on my jewelry (a very big problem with fake nails usually!), and they’re just amazing.

The chick who put my nails on at the station set up at BlogHer said they’d last a week, and I immediately rolled my eyes. Lo and behold, they did last pretty long. I actually lost one after 2 days, but that was because it got stuck in my luggage on the subway. I went back, requested a new set, and put them on Sunday morning. It’s been 6 days, and they’re still holding strong! I’m going to take them off tonight because, well, I feel like it.

(Okay, I just took them off. I was able to peel them off AND THERE WAS HARDLY ANY GROSS GLUE RESIDUE! This is beyond awesome. I washed my hands, and what was left of the stickery glue stuff came off. I may be in love.)

These nails run for about $7.99 for a pack, and for someone like me who has a nailpolish addiction and is allergic to nailpolish remover, this is the perfect solution! They also come in a lot of super cute colors and patterns. Their website currently has coupon for $1 off… get on it!

9. Obama, Martha, and Katie, oh my!

President Obama, Martha Stewart, and Katie Couric all spoke at BlogHer12!

I have to confess I didn’t listen to Obama speak, and it wasn’t because I don’t like him. I think he’s pretty cool. I just didn’t see the point of cramming into a room to see him speak via video chat when everyone knew his speech was just going to be posted online anyways. I used that time to take a shower… I stunk. It was time well spent.

Martha Stewart was surprisingly funny and awesome. It turns out she was speaking to us ON HER BIRTHDAY. The room tried to sing happy birthday to her, and, well, it was a failed attempt. Martha was really fabulous, insightful, and quite generous. She gave every blogger present a year’s subscription to 4 of her emagazines, which I’m still trying to figure out if I can use or not because I don’t have an ipad. She also encouraged all of the bloggers present to email her their blogs so she could read them and share them on her site. She was pretty damn awesome. I said during the lunch I’d blog about why she reminds me of Tommy Pickles from Rugrats, but I’ll let you figure that out. (My mind works in funny ways.)

Katie Couric is pretty cool. Anyone who announces to a room full of women “I love the smell of estrogen in the morning!” as she walks on stage captures my attention. I honestly didn’t know much about Katie before seeing her speak at BlogHer12, and I’m so excited for her new show now. She truly wants to connect with her audience… She’s even having 2 bloggers in her studio every episode to live blog the episode! That is pretty awesome.

The one thing I didn’t like about her was how she discussed how she struggled with whether or not to stay at home with her kids when they were growing up, and how grateful she is to their nanny for doing such a good job raising them. That’s not a struggle… that’s a privileged point of view. A lot of women don’t have that option, they have to work 2-3 jobs to make ends meet, and staying at home isn’t an option. Having it all is a high class problem, not a struggle. /end rant

Other than that tidbit, Katie was pretty cool. I did like how she said “I start off every morning on Weight Watchers and I end every night off”…

I was a lot closer to Katie than I was to Martha.

10. Chi-town!

I’m heading to Chi-town, bitchesssss!

At the conclusion of BlogHer12, it was announced that BlogHer13 will be in CHICAGO!!! This got me very excited because a) I’ve never been to Chicago (or at least not since I was 18 months old), b) I have just under a year to save up and go to it, c) I’m forcing my friend Taylor to go with me, and d) my Grandpa’s family is from Illinois so I’m really excited to see “that neck of the woods.”

BlogHer12 was so amazing… I can hardly wait for BlogHer13!! <3