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FREE Advertisement Space

In the 7 weeks that it has been around, GingerSass has received over 2100 hits! That means two things: People are reading GingerSass, and GingerSass is developing an audience!

As a token of my gratitude for your readership, I am offering one unit of advertising space on for a period of 60 days in order to advertise your relevant business, blog, or personal website, 100% free of charge.

I am offering free advertisement to the first twenty individuals to respond to this post.

There are a few different types of adspace available:

2 sidebar advertisements – 240pix (width) by 400pix (height)

(Ads this size)

1 banner at the top of a blog post–  468pix (width) by 60pix (height)

(Ads this size)

1 banner at the bottom of a blog post–  468pix (width) by 60pix (height)

(Ads this size)

3 ads at the bottom of my page– 300pix (width) by 250pix (height)

(Ads this size)

Email me at to request your adspace today. In your email, please tell me a bit about what you wish to advertise and provide a link to it. Also list in order your first, second, and third preference for advertising location. (Banner at top of blog post, top side bar, bottom sidebar).

I will respond to you which location is available so that you can create your graphic accordingly. As soon as your ad is up, I will confirm this and let you know.

**Please remember that I am only offering twenty advertisement spaces. I reserve the right to not include any advertisement that I feel goes against the beliefs and standards of my site or may be deemed offensive. (Although, let’s be real, there isn’t much that could offend me.)**

I look forward to seeing your advertisements!