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Today some of my students started Googling me in class… and discovered my modeling career. By modeling career I mean 35 seconds of not tripping on a runway in front of hundreds upon hundreds of women at one of the best blogging conferences I know.

I had a momentary silent freak out, and then I remembered that, as a blogger, I have made the choice to let my voice be heard. In class, I value the honest relationship I have with my students. Despite my slight bit of unease to know my students have seen me in a ton of makeup walking on a runway, my momentary anxiety was fueled by my blog being attached to my “runway show.” Then I remembered the mantra I’ve had since I’ve been blogging: if I’m posting something I wouldn’t want my students to see then I probably shouldn’t be posting it anyway. This mantra has made me a better blogger, much like the experience of being a model in the BlogHer13 Fashion Show helped me become more confident and unafraid to embrace who I am.

Do your homework, kiddos. Seriously.

Do your homework, kiddos. Seriously.

So, although I say this with a bit of unease, welcome to my life, silently lurking students. Yes, your English teacher was in a fashion show this past summer. Yes, your English teacher is a blogger. Yes, your English teacher has a life outside of school.

Welcome to reality, my dears. Now go do your homework.

Change, growth, and love

I was going to post a complicated post about everything that’s happened this year, but I got distracted and watched The Heat instead. 2013 was a year of love, growth, and change, and for that I am grateful. I wish you all a year of continued change, for change is what allows growth and love to happen.

Happy New Year’s Eve!


Max is hoping you don’t get caught up in the little things–or chairs– in 2014.


Join Team Lauren

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On this date two years ago, my friend Lauren killed herself. She was a confident young woman who acted as a role model for many. For me in particular, while we weren’t particularly close until the last weeks of her life, we were growing closer as she acted as my un-official mentor in my grad school program. She was– and is– one of the reasons I always strive to be a role model for my students, regardless if I’m out at school or not. Lauren taught me a lot about having the confidence to be yourself no matter what the circumstances, and it was incredibly shocking when she took her life, as she always seemed to be the person people would go to when they were in need of guidance. I thought about Lauren a lot last week, as it was National Suicide Prevention Week and the school I work at had an announcement every day about signs of suicide and how to help those in need.

The thing is, sometimes, despite knowing how much help someone may need, or not knowing how much help someone may need, in the blink of the eye they can be gone, leaving you with a myriad of questions and very few, if any, answers.

So, join me and the rest of Team Lauren on Sunday September 29th at Buccleuch Park in New Brunswick, New Jersey for the Central New Jersey American Foundation for Suicide Prevention Walk, or make a contribution to Team Lauren to show your support. I’ll be there honoring Lauren’s memory, as well as thinking of all those who have left this world too soon because they felt they didn’t have any other choice.