adding ginger to your sass

GingerSass - adding ginger to your sass

Sunday Shopping

Me: Can you pass the ShopRite ad?
V: Let’s adopt *Gloria!
Me: Huh?
V: Look! She’s in the paper! And she’s 12. And she’s special ed. And she just needs parents to love her.
Me: (looks at paper) It says she needs a mommy and daddy.
V: We don’t have the room to adopt a kid anyway. A kid deserves her own room! But I bet she’d be happy with 2 mommies– she doesn’t have any!
Me: One day…

Sorry, Gloria. Our one bedroom condo is preventing us from adopting you. 🙁

*name changed to protect our non-adopted child

Play ball!


“Play ball!”

Who knew the sun, wind, and crowds could create this?
Bliss is what it is…
A reminder of the
childhood memories that will never end
painting a picture of
the smells, sights, and emotions that every
single person associates with the moment they became a fan’s
advocate, fighting for the wins the team will always want and desire.
This is the end of every fan’s desire.