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Remember that post where I talked about my secret en(gay)gement?

Today I had a meeting with my supervisor about some school stuff. After the business end of our meeting was done, I asked for her opinion on the whole wearing my engagement ring thing and parental concerns.

She essentially told me to wear it, and if there are any parental complaints it’s their problem, that “there are plenty of gay folk at school.”

So, I’m wearing my engagement ring tomorrow at school. It’s essentially my coming out day.

Wish me luck.

I can wear this thing to school tomorrow.

I can wear this thing to school tomorrow.

OctPoWriMo was a blast.


I won a pack of poetry awesomeness…pens! a journal! tea! chocolate! and more!! YAY!


I had the pleasure of participating in OctPoWriMo in October, and today I received an amazing playful poetry pack I won in the raffle for participating.

It was such a fun– and therapeutic– month. It’s been a long time since I’ve consistently written anything, let alone poetry, and it was so nice to play along!

It was especially interesting to me to be prompted to write about a certain topic or in a certain style. As an educator, I often find myself asking my students to write about certain topics or in certain styles. Being told to write a certain way myself actually helped me sympathize with the complaints I receive from my students. OctPoWriMo has made me a better person and teacher.

Thank you so much to Morgan Dragonwillow and the rest of the brains behind OctPoWriMo not only for my amazing playful poetry pack, but for the wonderful experience October offered me. I cannot wait until next October.