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Today I’m feeling as happy and content as Max the last time I was at my mom’s and I let him lay on the actual couch.



After 2 years of being the nomad English teacher, I have one classroom next year.

My first year of teaching, I had 4.

My second year of teaching, I had 3.

Now, I have 1.

A new teacher (OMG I’m not a newbie anymore!) will be essentially taking over what my schedule was like and floating in between my classroom (that sounds so weird to say!!), the classroom I shared for the past 2 years, and another classroom.

This is so strange, beautiful, and glorious all at once. Now, excuse me while I go stalk Pinterest for classroom decorating ideas…


Teacher drag: a reflective update


When I first was getting ready to move out of my childhood home and into a condo with V, my mom wasn’t (outwardly) upset about her oldest daughter moving out. Instead, she was very upset that she wouldn’t get to see my “teacher drag” every morning as we both got ready for work.

(The idea of “teacher drag” stems from a poem I wrote when I first started teaching. A year prior,  I was doing teaching observations and simultaneously being a Resident Assistant, one of my residents saw me early one morning. She remarked, “You look very… Republican. Like a young Barbara Bush.” I couldn’t help but laugh, but her comment stuck with me. This incident inspired the phrase “teacher drag.”)

When I saw how upset my mom was, in my immediate need to comfort her, I swore I would send her a selfie every morning. Then, she told me to instagram it, as she was trying to get more familiar with instagram. I started using the hashtag #TeacherDrag, which I had only used once or twice before, the week I moved out, and what started as a sweet inside joke between me and my mom grew into something much larger. My friends started texting me how they loved seeing my outfits, and when I changed the privacy settings on my instagram and made it public, I suddenly had a slew of fashionistas (and teachers) liking my posts and following me.

One of the first #TeacherDrag outfits

I have to admit, before #TeacherDrag was a thing, there were some mornings I just didn’t care. I never quite looked like I’d just rolled out of bed, but there were days where maybe I didn’t wear the most flattering outfits, or my hair was a mess, but it didn’t matter because I was spending the day with teenagers.

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Somehow, #TeacherDrag turned me into more of a fashionista. I’ve always loved accessories, and I’ve been known to base entire outfits around a necklace, but this hashtag has definitely made me put my forgotten accessories to work! I’ve received texts when I haven’t posted my morning photo before 7 (lol), and I feel a sense of importance with what I’m doing. When I was in that elevator that morning a few years ago, I thought #TeacherDrag had to be pearls and power suits. Pearls still are a staple of my wardrobe, but I’ve ditched the power suits to be more fun. Now, I realize what I wear to teach can be young, fun, and exciting without breaking any dress codes.

So, my fellow teachers, I ask you this: What does your #TeacherDrag look like? Share it on instagram using the hashtag and let me know!

Oh, and don’t worry– it may be Summer Vacation, but I’m teaching Summer School the entire month of July. #TeacherDrag #SummerEdition is a thing. 😉

I got 99 problems

Soooo I’m teaching summer school this year and it’s a bit draining. Did you read the Little House on the Prairie books ever? Yes? No? Well, this is what the one-room Brewster Schoolhouse Laura Ingalls Wilder taught in looks like.

Photo courtesy of

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Basically, back when Laura became a school teacher to earn money to send her sister, Mary, to the Iowa College for the Blind, she taught in one room with students of all ages. She had to differentiate her instruction before that even was a thing, before Common Core Standards, and before state testing. She just had to worry about teaching students until it snowed and students couldn’t make it to the schoolhouse any more.

Right now, I’m pulling a Laura Ingalls Wilder. I’m teaching summer school in one room with 9th and 10th graders in the morning, and 9th, 10th, and 12th graders in the afternoon.

I get a 15 minute break in between sessions. I needed a pick me up today. So, I went to the (eerily abandoned-for-the-summer) faculty room to get a candy bar from the vending machine. The probably-stale candy bar was a mere dollar, a steal for my level of desperation.

I opened my wallet, and I only had five dollar bills.

So, I looked at my change compartment. I carefully pulled out the coins.

3 quarters

1 dime

2 nickels

and 4 pennies.

I got 99 (cents worth of) problems and a candy bar ain’t one.