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I got 99 problems

Soooo I’m teaching summer school this year and it’s a bit draining. Did you read the Little House on the Prairie books ever? Yes? No? Well, this is what the one-room Brewster Schoolhouse Laura Ingalls Wilder taught in looks like.

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Basically, back when Laura became a school teacher to earn money to send her sister, Mary, to the Iowa College for the Blind, she taught in one room with students of all ages. She had to differentiate her instruction before that even was a thing, before Common Core Standards, and before state testing. She just had to worry about teaching students until it snowed and students couldn’t make it to the schoolhouse any more.

Right now, I’m pulling a Laura Ingalls Wilder. I’m teaching summer school in one room with 9th and 10th graders in the morning, and 9th, 10th, and 12th graders in the afternoon.

I get a 15 minute break in between sessions. I needed a pick me up today. So, I went to the (eerily abandoned-for-the-summer) faculty room to get a candy bar from the vending machine. The probably-stale candy bar was a mere dollar, a steal for my level of desperation.

I opened my wallet, and I only had five dollar bills.

So, I looked at my change compartment. I carefully pulled out the coins.

3 quarters

1 dime

2 nickels

and 4 pennies.

I got 99 (cents worth of) problems and a candy bar ain’t one.


Today’s Gratitude

Sometimes you fall in love in a totally platonic way with someone on the internet.

Today, I failed Gay Bride Guide. I was trying to fix a stupid error that kept happening, AND I BROKE THE ENTIRE WEBSITE RIGHT AFTER I SENT IT TO A BUNCH OF PEOPLE.

OMG that was bad.

Then, A______ of HostGator saved my life. He helped me for over an hour and fixed whatever coding I’d broken.

So, props to HostGator for saving my butt once again. I seem to break the internet right before BlogHer each year, and they always save me.

Thanks boos <3

BTW, this totally isn’t sponsored. I just am feeling all sorts of love and relief right now.

Just be my friend, T-Swizzle

Today’s topic for NaBloPoMo is talking about a post you wish had connected with others but hadn’t.

Talk about kicking someone while they’re down.

In November, I was feelin’ 22 and wrote a post on BlogHer about feeling some type of way because Taylor Swift was only 46 days older than me and about 46 million times richer. I wrote down 13– her magical number– things Taylor cannot say that I can.

I want T-Swizzle to be my friend. I want her to bake cookies and come to my bridal shower. I want her to call me up and ask when I started crying during the latest episode of Grey’s Anatomy. I want to drink hot chocolate together.

I wish my post had blown up so that Taylor and I could be temporary besties.

So, Taylor, if you happen to stumble upon this, call me maybe? d99e07df79ab24dc