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BlogHer ’12 Sponsors

BlogHer is holding a conference in New York City in the beginning of August. BlogHer ’12 provides high quality content on a range of topics, with all blogs continually edited to meet strict editorial standards, including content quality, category relevance, blog frequency, increasing traffic, business skills, etc. Bloggers attend classes or discussion groups that are aimed at improving each bloggers content and knowledge.This is a wonderful opportunity for me to network, meet other bloggers, learn how to improve my site, and connect with others who share my love for writing. I’m trying to raise money to defray the expenses of attending the conference.

Since I began fundraising for the conference, I have been lucky enough to have had my dreams of going to BlogHer ’12 backed by various supporters. A special thanks goes out to the following people for helping make my dreams come true:

Sassy Sponsors
Maggie VB

Sponsor Sweethearts
Dana H- Dragyn Ally
Michael M
Ashley T
Monique C- Razing Mayhem 

If you are interested in sponsoring GingerSass going to BlogHer ’12, you can visit my ChipIn page by clicking this link, visit the Facebook event for my fundraiser, or visit the post I wrote explaining my journey to BlogHer ’12.

Thank you so much for even considering helping my dreams come true!

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