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Cruel to be kind

When I woke up this morning, the rain did this thing to my hair where it ended up being half curly, half dejected. It was very Monday morning looking, despite being a Tuesday. After some playing, as I got ready to head out the door, I realized I looked like Allie from The Notebook. This made me want to listen to my soundtrack from the movie on my way to work. Unfortunately, I think this soundtrack got lost somewhere in my teen years. 🙁

So, I became Sad Allie.

Selfie mode doesn't do my Notebook vibe justice.

Selfie mode doesn’t do my Notebook vibe justice.

Amongst my sadness, I found my cd case from middle school.

My cd case held the soundtrack to 10 Things I Hate About You, which is the first movie I ever memorized by heart. (Eventually I memorized The Notebook and Rent.)


For the 20 minute drive to work, I was in 6th grade again, rushing home after school, playing the VHS non-stop, and getting in trouble in Science Class for reciting movie quotes with my friends instead of completing my lab.

It was glorious.