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Accidental vacation

During the month of April, my goal was to write a poem a day for National Poetry Month, and to get back into daily blogging.

Instead, I accidentally went on a blogging hiatus.

On April 1st, my future father-in-law retired. Val & I helped him pack up his condo, as he was leaving us his condo when he retired down to Florida to take care of his mother, Val’s grandmother.

From April 3rd- 10th my district was on Spring Break. I spent this time off packing up my childhood, having brief meltdowns about growing up, grading poorly written papers, and trying to catch up on life.

On April 17th, I was a guest blogger on the Young Teachers Collective. I spoke about not being silent on the Day of Silence, or, as I affectionately call it, being an openly flaming homo teacher in a school lacking unicorns.

A week after my district returned from Spring Break, we had to administer the end of the year state testing. I won’t say what it’s called because I don’t want Big Brother spying on me, but just know that it was draining for students and teachers alike!

The weekend after testing, Val & I moved into our condo. I took off a Friday and a Monday from school, which is unprecedented for me.



On the Tuesday I returned from school, I hit my head while making photocopies (lol) and was told I had a minor concussion. I’m okay now though.

Throughout the entire month of April, I found myself floating in between doctor’s appointments at a specialist whose practice name really freaked me out. Everything worked out in the end, but DAMN. I found myself increasingly tired and drained from bloodwork, tests, and adjusting to new medication.

So. Yea. April was busy.

I have a new sense of rejuvenation today. I’m not sure why. I’m going to attempt to blog more, or at least ease back into blogging.

I’m bringing sassy back…

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