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Questions I hope are answered on tonight’s Parenthood finale

I’ve been dwelling on the conclusion of Parenthood far too much, so, spoiler alert, here are some of the questions I’m hoping will be answered in tonight’s series finale.


1. What super powers do the Braverman women have? What allows them to have almost as many careers as a Barbie doll??

In the series, we’ve seen or heard Sarah be a band manager, a bar tender, a playwright, a photography assistant, a pet photographer, a landlord, and a photographer. I’m sure I’ve forgotten a job or two.

Following in her mother’s footsteps, Amber has  been a coffee shop barista, a (1 or so episodes) babysitter, a campaign worker, and some sort of assistant at a recording studio.

Technically a Braverman by marriage, Kristina has been a stay at home mom, an advocate, a campaign manager, a mayoral candidate, and now a founder and head master at a charter school. (Seriously though, as a teacher, this has bothered me the most. This shows what is wrong with education today– someone with seemingly no background in education should NOT be running a school, especially one for students with special needs.

2. Will Otis the dog make an appearance on the finale?

I don’t know why this is bothering me, but I want to see Otis on the finale. He was such a big deal for an episode or 2, and then he disappeared. I need to start a #wheresotis hashtag or something.

3. Will Haddie still be “out” as “something” in the finale?

Okay, so we got the fun tidbit of Haddie coming out as being in love with her super cool best friend from college in the season finale last year. Then she mentioned how this super cool best friend was studying abroad somewhere in the first episode or two of this season before Haddie disappeared to wherever guest-star reduced ensemble members go. (I’m betting a closet somewhere in LA.) I think I saw a glimpse of Haddie in the preview for this week’s episode. Will she be back with her super cool best friend? Will they be super cool and gay together? Will Haddie get a happy ending???

4. What kind of baby gift will Ryan bring for baby Zeek? Will he make another pathetic proposal that will enrage fans?

Seriously. I get that Amber will be a proud, independent, unemployed single mom, but I’m glad baby daddy Ryan will be back to meet his spawn. I hope he’ll pay child support since Amber won’t have a job after the Luncheonette closes. (OMG. I just thought of something. Wait a paragraph.*) I also hope he brings something like a baseball or elephant or random glowing thing for Baby Zeek. He just better not pull any of that manipulative, controlling crap with Amber and try to propose or anything again. OR, if he does, Amber better say helllll to the no.

5. Will The Luncheonette be saved?

By now we get that Adam wants to roll around in his $20,000 and call it a day. (Really, Adam, with a daughter enrolled in Cornell and a wife running a charter school she invested imaginary money in that money will disappear pretty quickly.) What about Crosby? *WHAT IF THE LUNCHEONETTE IS SAVED BY ZEEK DYING AND LEAVING CROSBY THE EXACT AMOUNT OF MONEY HE NEEDS TO KEEP THE LUNCHEONETTE OPEN?!?!?! That would be so Parenthood. So Parenthood. Which brings me to the next question…

6. Will Jasmine ever get to open her ballet studio??

My sister is catching up on Parenthood, and it’s been reminding me of some things from earlier episodes. Like… JASMINE DREAMS OF OPENING HER OWN BALLET STUDIO. I want this to happen for her. If Zeek doesn’t die and The Luncheonette isn’t saved, can Crosby use his $20,000 and make Jasmine’s dreams come true?

7. Will Drew be anything other than the complying family guy, aka the next Adam?

I’m worried about Drew. He’s like a kid brother with no direction, other than trying to do what’s best for his Mom and sister… and now nephew. I want him to do something radical, like cut his hair and become a Romantic Poetry Major. He’ll probably be undeclared with his life direction at the end of the show. Let sigh.

8. Joelia?

This isn’t a question really, but my gut instinct is that a surprise pregnancy, a la Nora style, will pop up with these two right before the credits roll one last time.

9. Will Camille take another art class?

Seriously. Does her “down graded” neighborhood offer an art class with that exotic fling art teacher? If Zeek kicks the bucket, will she escape her Stockholm syndrome life and be with art man? If he lives, will she paint unrealistically healthy portraits of him still? Will she open an Etsy shop? WHAT WILL HAPPEN WITH CAMILLE’S ARTSY LIFE AND HER KIMONOS AND FLOWY CLOTHES?

10. Will Ruby wear super dark lipstick to Hank & Sarah’s wedding??

No, really, I want to know. She’s been looking at too many pics of Amber in her early teens.

What questions are you left with for tonight??