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Annual letter to Ellen

Dear Ellen,

Happy birthday to us! Every year since I’ve turned 18 I’ve written to you. I accept that you don’t want to be friends, or even acquaintances, so I’ll settle for birthday buddies.

(See 2014’s letter here.)

These letters are kind of like speaking to dead air, or myself, and moreso a reflection of my growth over the past year than anything else.

This year has had more growth in my life than I ever imagined. I planned my dream wedding after starting Gay Bride Guide, a website for same-sex brides to be. That site has recently become a legitimate company! I’ve also grown as an educator. I took my students on the first field trip our English department has had in over 8 years, and these kids REALLY loved going to a poetry festival. It was a great experience.


For my 25th birthday, I don’t feel like going out to celebrate. I’m trying to instead celebrate through the creation of a rolling class library for my 3 classrooms and 130+ students. If you could share this letter, as well as the links to my Amazon wishlist and original blog post and update post explaining my goals I’d really appreciate it.

I hope you and Portia have a wonderful birthday/ Australia Day.
All my best,

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