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Smart phone, smart relationship

I joined the smart phone world on December 29th, 2012, exactly 2 days before my first date with V.

I used my new phone as an excuse as to why I wasn’t texting back right away. I’m pretty sure my text said something along the lines of, “Oh, sorry! Just got a new phone, I’m still figuring it out!”

I was scared of what the new possibilities of going on a first date might hold, especially on New Year’s Eve. I remember specifically making plans to get coffee and walk around the mall at 2pm because that was a casual, committal, non-intense date time for a holiday.

I was terrified of getting hurt.

Two years later, I’ve never been more grateful for the experiences I’ve had with Val. So many of them have been recorded on my iphone4s that the idea of changing phones actually seems kind of heartbreaking to me.

Our first picture together, added to our history through my smart phone. :)

Our first picture together, added to our history through my smart phone. 🙂

Unfortunately, my phone has decided to stop charging. So, the upgrade I’m due for is necessary.

My new phone, which I’ll be getting on Thursday or Friday, is reflective of so much growth and change coming in the new year. I have 1.5 more days to be able to say “I’m getting married next year” instead of “I’ll be getting married later this year.” I’m turning 25 at the end of January. (!!!) I’ll be teaching a new class starting on Monday. Val & I will be moving into a condo together in the Spring.

I’m so glad I joined the smartphone world 2 years ago, and even gladder that I took a chance with Val.

If my past two years are any indication of what the next two will be, I can’t wait!

Last Christmas at home

Today was my last Christmas as an un-married lady, my last Christmas morning waking up in my childhood home, and my last Christmas before v & I move in together in the Spring.

I was a roller coaster of emotions these past few weeks, for so many reasons, but today was a day of love and both new and old traditions.

I’m grateful– and so lucky– to have so many blessings and so much love in my life.

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night. <3 IMG_9873.JPG

I wasn’t killed by a psycho doll.

A few weeks ago, Val & I were reflecting on how we’ll be in our own condo and celebrating our first Christmas as a married couple next year. I joked that our place will be so decked out in Christmas cheer that we’ll have singing snowflakes up… and then Val said, “Do those even exist??”

Naturally I took this as a challenge.

I scoured the internet for days, looking for a singing snowflake. I had no luck, until I tried eBay. Then I found a singing babydoll dressed up as a snowflake.

It looked kind of creepy, but in a funny sort of way.

So, I ordered it.

It came in the mail on Friday. I was napping when it was left at the front door, and Max wouldn’t stop barking and growling. He hates when people come to our door, but usually he settles down. He wouldn’t.

This should have been the first sign of what was to come.

I opened the package, and it smelled like death. It was a mixture of stale cigarettes and mustiness that I can’t quite explain.

It scared the bejeezus out of me.


I put this… thing… out on our back deck to air out, and it still freaked me out.

Did I mention it sings?

Even Max can’t protect me from this thing.


Even my best friend is convinced the thing will kill me.


So, Merry Christmas you guys. I made you a video.