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What I’ve learned with NaBloPoMo 2014

I took part in NaBloPoMoBlahBlahBlah 2014 because I’ve been neglecting GingerSass for GayBrideGuide and I felt like my older blog-child was feeling the wrath of my accidental favoritism.

Actually, it totally was.

This past month, I learned that my sassy followers have actually missed my sass, and that they Google the weirdest shit.

For example, the top searches that have led to GingerSass in the past month are “Sims 3 Sex” (which I assume is about gender fluidity and sexuality in the Sims 3 you pervs!), “Ginger Sass” (Yay! People Google my blog!!!), “crazy classrooms (aka my life),” and “i’m too old for clubbing,” “dont feel like clubbing as i get older,” and “i don’t want to go to the club anymore.” (I haven’t been to a club since grad school, thank you. #oldladystatus for the win!)

Y’all are my kind of weirdos.

I also learned that I’ve missed rambling about nothing.

My blog is where I’ve found my voice, and lost it. It’s been a large part of the development of who I am, and who I will grow to be.

Blogging, I can’t quit you. Muahs.

My job loves my blog less than I do.

My job loves my blog less than I do.

Thanks for the love, NaBloPoMoBlah. Keep loving me. Unless, of course, you’re trying to access GingerSass from a school district where it’s blocked. Then you’re out of luck. <3

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