adding ginger to your sass

GingerSass - adding ginger to your sass


Today I received my “All the Nopes That Ever Noped in Nopeland” tshirt from Awesomely Luvvie, and it put a much needed grin on my face after a stressful few weeks.



I ordered this tshirt for it to become my designated shirt of choice to wear when essays are due and students are trying their best excuses out on me.

It just seems appropriate to have received it tonight.

I want to believe that the right decision will be made in Ferguson… but I can’t. Doing so would just be another demonstration of the injustice of race.

I see my students and their different backgrounds each and every day. I see them argue about “dark skinned” versus “light skinned,” and I see how the implications of their own races impact their daily existence. I see how they want to put a voice to the injustices they don’t understand.

I don’t understand them either.

Tomorrow, we will talk. They will ask me if I watched the verdict, and I will answer. They’ll voice their own concerns, and I’ll let them discuss. Then, if we have time, we’ll go back to peer editing essays and discussing Greek Theatre.

But we won’t ever have enough time to discuss race or Ferguson, because there isn’t enough time to discuss all that can be said.

As I wait to hear word of the verdict tonight, I’m sick, thinking of my students, my friends, and all of the unjustices in the world.

All the Nopes That Ever Noped in Nopeland.