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Long weekends are short.


In New Jersey, we’re finishing up a 4 day weekend. There was the annual NJEA Convention in Atlantic City on Thursday and Friday, which meant teachers were split into two groups:

1. Attending the convention

2. Taking advantage of the day off*

*by which I mean either grading, lesson planning, writing letters of rec because it’s college application season, sleeping, spending quality time with friends/loved ones/and/or family, or binge watching Netflix

I’ll let you guess which group I belong to. Here’s a hint: of the 19 letters of rec I had to write, only 3 are left. Grading is also up to date.

Days off really aren’t days off anymore. A lot of people joked last year that the second year of teaching is tougher than the first. I didn’t believe them.

I still don’t… Sort of. I have a lot of things I’m better at. There just seems to be a lot more chaos this year!

Happy end of the 4 day weekend. It’s wayyyy past my teacher bedtime.

12.5 school days til Thanksgiving Break! 😉

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