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Ramblings about a diner and my love for IRL people who read my blog

I went out to lunch today with my teacher soulmate bridesmaid lady, S. Being the indecisive individuals that we are, we Googled a town exactly halfway between us and ended up at a diner that S has been to a few times before. (We’re in Jersey– diners are the obvious answers to any indecisiveness.)

It was delicious.

We talked and reminisced and had a beautiful, fried lunch together. Spending time with S always reminds me the world isn’t black and white, and that everything happens for a reason. If we hadn’t been thrown into teaching at the same school last year, despite having been in the same cohort during grad school, I don’t know that we would’ve ended up being so close.

Also. Our love for food. That brings us together.


Our food was so good that it added color to our colorless life. Or I got bored and played with an app on my phone. One of these. Also. My black & white comments in this blog post were solely a setup for this photo. But do people actually read the captions of photos? If so, leave me a comment that states your favorite zoo animal.

Also. I want you all to know that I explicitly asked S for permission to exploit her on my blog. She thought I was crazy for asking. This is why she’s my fave teacher soulmate lady.


Fun fact: S & I grew closer in grad school when we took a summer course– Teachers as Writers– together and she outright admitted to me that she spent her time at her summer job reading GingerSass. She said this after we had barely had any conversations together. It was a random moment, and one I cherish dearly. Another fun fact: Months later, one of the first times I knew I was falling for V was when we first started dating and she admitted she read my blog every morning with her coffee. Clearly it matters to me if you read my writing. Anddddd my ego seems super big here. But it’s not.


S & I had a really nice lunch in an awesome diner in a really sketchy city and friendship and human interaction over an appetizer platter is a really fabulous thing.



  • DeNae says:

    sea lions. equal parts lazy animals sunning themselves on rocks and cute little tricksters who’ll perform for fish.

    November 7, 2014 at 10:58 pm
    • GingerSass says:

      I love sea lions! Thanks for reading in between the lines. 🙂

      November 18, 2014 at 9:24 am
  • TheJackB says:

    Been to the same diners over and over in Jersey but probably because you can’t make a proper left turn anywhere. What is up with the jughandles.

    November 12, 2014 at 4:23 pm

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