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Lazarus Jewel Box

Today’s prompt is to write a poem based off of a shell’s name.

Shell names are weird.

I ended up choosing the “Lazarus Jewel Box,” as the name rightfully reminds me of my friend, Lazarus, who was my college roommate for 2 weeks. Lazarus set out on a journey walking across America a few months ago.

"Lazarus Jewel Box - Chama Lazarus" Richard Parker

“Lazarus Jewel Box – Chama Lazarus”
Richard Parker

“Lazarus Jewel Box”

Inside a shell of a Renaissance Man lays my friend.
I wish I could put into words his essence,
but that’s completely infallible.
He is a man born of the 21st century
who finds comfort in communicating by cello
and lyrical stanzas of poetry.
He decided to walk the country
and pursue his soul
with nothing but a cello and the unknown on his shoulders.
So far, he’s found answers
to symphonies he didn’t even know he was writing.