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The Struggle is real.

 Today, let’s rewrite a famous poem, giving it our own spin. While any famous poem will do, if you haven’t already got one in mind, why not try your own version of Cesar Vallejo’s Black Stone Lying on a White Stone?

"The Great Brownout of 2009"-- The Wolf Law Library

“The Great Brownout of 2009”– The Wolf Law Library

“The Struggle”

I will die in the copy room,
my body collapsed across the copier,
as the red light flashes
and an error message obnoxiously flashes.

It will be a Tuesday,
because Tuesday is a far worst day of the week than Monday,
and, as the students will declare in the hall,
the struggle is real.

The mundane reality will kill,
smothering the dignity
of a profession that used to be more
than being a glorified robot.

The struggle is real.