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Snow day #8

My town is notorious for neglecting its townsfolk during Winter storms, and this Winter has been brutal and cruel. Our street has been left unplowed multiple times over the past few months, and today was a breaking point for me. We had snow, rain, and ice, and, subsequently, a disgusting, icy mess. This just made me even more bitter on my 8th snow day of the school year.

Unsurprisingly, when we returned from digging Grandma out across town, our road looked as if it hadn’t been touched– except for a pile of snow that had been gathered in the middle of the road.


Naturally, the blogger in me came out, and I made a short video that I immediately posted on Youtube, Instagram, and Twitter. I also found out that my town had a link on its website where you could officially complain about snow plowing not being done.

I sent a polite note, along with my video, and, lo and behold, 4 hours later, our street was plowed more than I’ve ever seen it plowed in my 24 years of living in this town.

Clearly we live in an age where social media rules the safety of a town.


PLOWS DO EXIST. It went down our street FOUR TIMES.

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