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Irrevocable love

I received an email from Target the other day.



My reaction was not to be upset or angry, but rather grateful that Target had told me that my name, address, phone number, or email “may have” been taken. “May have” is awfully like “maybe” which is a lot like “probably not,” or at least that’s how things go in my head. Plus, they offered me a free year of credit monitoring just to be safe WHICH TOTALLY MEANS TARGET LOVES ME AND IS LOOKING OUT FOR ME.

Also… I have a sick addiction to Target. My Target card gave me food and clothing during grad school, and it’s proven to be a place of comfort and nirvana when I just need to aimlessly walk and de-stress. It’s not that I have a problem and can’t stop shopping in Target; it just provides me comfort and solitude like no other place can.

Plus, I once made it THREE WEEKS without stepping foot inside of Target.

I totally don’t have a Target problem.

Or…I’m just a little bit brainwashed. Why else would I end up in a Target 2 days after being told my identity may have been stolen?!


It’s a glowing sign of love… or doom. I guess it depends.


Regardless, I have an inexplicable, irrevocable love for Target that will never be replaced. I just can’t help it.

PS This post was NOT sponsored by Target. I just have an addiction that has no cure.