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Weekend creations

For as long as I can remember, I haven’t enjoyed breakfast. I’m not a breakfast person. When I got to college and discovered breakfast buffets every morning, I realized that I do enjoy breakfast foods, just not the time it takes to make them.

Fast forward a few years, and I’m eating breakfast at 5am every morning, if not earlier. By eating breakfast, I mean drinking coffee and grabbing something to eat in the car.

On weekends, I like to try to cook breakfast. I’ve been told I cook a mean omelet, but I’m also incredibly lazy. Thus, scrambled egg creations were born.

I think I blame the chef genes I inherited from my dad for this one. I like to mix random leftovers and different flavors with eggs to see what sort of creations I can come up with. Some have been good, some have sucked.

Today was a first.

I mixed together broccoli, mozzarella, leftover BBQ chicken, and eggs before realizing HOLY CRUD I’M COOKING A MOM AND HER FETUS FOR BREAKFAST.


I stared at my plate, questioning the morality of what I had done, and why you don’t ever see chicken omelets when you go out for breakfast, when I took a bite.

This was my best creation yet.

I don’t know how to feel, except full. I don’t know if I’ll cook this creation again, as it has led to way too many moral dilemmas and me potentially needing chicken therapy, BUT IT TASTED SO GOOD.

What cooking dilemmas have you faced??

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