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Applebees likes Golden Gays.

I was tweeting with my friend Paul about the Golden Globes when I jokingly  started hashtagging #GoldenGays.


Suddenly, Applebees (THE VERIFIED ACCOUNT!) was following me.

I mean, I’ve eaten their fine cuisine for years. I’ve been followed by chains before. But this… this was new. This was the first time a chain followed me, unprompted, with no type of tweet even mentioning their food.



Like the time I decided that Cory Booker followed me because I referred to Cory Booker as the Chuck Norris of my generation, I’ve decided that Applebees has followed me because I’m awesomesauce. That, and they love the “Golden Gays.”


This also prompted me to decide to live tweet the Golden Globes tomorrow night under the hashtag #GoldenGays. Who knows? Maybe Applebees will follow along and join in the fun.

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(You can always find me tweeting via @THEGingerSass btw.)