adding ginger to your sass

GingerSass - adding ginger to your sass


When you’re a part of the blogging world, there are a lot of social media/ writing goals that get made around January 1st.

This year, a lot of my friends are doing the #365feministselfie challenge. This is fine and awesome, but I’m not doing it. I don’t have the patience to find the time to take pictures of myself.

Now my dog on the other hand… He’s a diva.

Max loves selfies. He tends to set timers on cameras so he can look perfect and posed. When I told him I wasn’t doing the feminist selfie thing, he asked if he could. He also asked for a beggin strip, but that’s another story. So, we started a hashtag ( #365maxthedogselfie ) and he took his first selfie of 2014. He’s having a hard time dealing with the fact that he’ll be turning 10 this year. So please follow his hashtag on twitter and Instagram, and show him some love. Every dog deserves his day, and every diva needs his stage. Let him have both.


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