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Asking directly

Sometimes the big picture is just a little bit blurred.

Sometimes the big picture is just a little bit blurred.

Midterms are next week, and students are freaking out. I held an extra review session after school today, and it was a random mix of students. I had one student staying after for detention “but only ‘cuz I’m one of their favorite teachers,” another student who just needed someplace to hang out, and a few students working on an (admittedly) obnoxiously large review that I gave them.

All week, my one class has been bugging me about wanting to know what my “fiancé” looks like, if “he” is Black or Spanish, etc. I figured some rumors must be flying, but I shrugged it off, refusing to answer any questions and telling my kids that I enjoy hearing rumors about myself that spread throughout the day.

Anyway, after school, the unexpected happened.

Student 1: “Miss, I have to ask you, and I hope you don’t mind. You tell us to ask what we’re thinking… Can I ask you something personal?”

Me: “Maybe?”

Student 1: “Are you… is your fiancé… not a man? Are you… you know… gay?”

Me: “Yes. I’m a lesbian.”

Student 2: “WHY DIDN’T YOU TELL US?!!”

Me: “Nobody ever asked me directly. I mean, when you asked if I had a boyfriend, I said I didn’t have a boyfriend, and when another class asked if I was in a relationship, I said that I was in a relationship.”

Student 3 (who has been homophobic and dropping the “f-g bomb” almost everyday): “Miss! All this time you let me say ‘he’ and look like a fool. I been played son.” (pauses) “So is your fiancée still black like the rumors said?!”

I guess I’m just glad I live in a world where only my fiancée’s color matters to students who have regularly dropped the “f-g” bomb all year?

It’ll be interesting to see what happens tomorrow when the latest “rumor” about my love life is spread…

I’m your token gay boy.

I have a bit of a Buzzfeed addiction.

Today, I was slightly offended by the title of a quiz I took– “Which Gay Best Friend Are You?”

Outside of my “group of gays,” I’m totally EVERYONE’s token gay best friend. It’s awesome. Nonetheless, I took the quiz to see which stereotypical gay pop culture phenomenon I was considered.

I’m Kurt Hummel, aka everyone’s favoritely flamboyant token gay boy.

Screen Shot 2014-01-29 at 10.21.45 PM

Call me Kurt.

The actual quiz results say:

You’re bright and intelligent, if not a tad naive. When people don’t notice you right away, you make sure they take notice quickly. You’re most comfortable in the spotlight and in front of the pack, always making sure your friends are right there with you. Never stop reaching, because out of all your friends you are the most likely to succeed.

I guess all of this is kind of true, but I still wish I had the ability to sing show tunes. I do appreciate how I’ve always been considered a stereotypical gay man though.

Which token gay best friend are you? Do you think Buzzfeed quizzes are accurate?