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If you give teenagers a laptop…


I preemptively started to clear my car last night so I’d have less ice to chip off this morning.

We had the first snow fall of the season last night. We only received a few inches by me, but South Jersey got an unexpected buttload.

The roads were alright driving this morning. It was the rain that was horrible.

When I got to school, the parking lot hadn’t been touched. Most of the snow had melted… and turned into ice. I slipped 3 times, and I feel like I pulled something.

A lot of teachers called out today, and, because we have so few subs in our district, I’m currently covering a Spanish class.

You know how┬áif you give a mouse a cookie he’ll want a glass of milk?

If you give a bunch of teenagers laptops during a free period they’ll be quiet and let you write a blog. They’ll also ask for advice on how to beat level 72 of Candy Crush.

I don’t mind this coverage.