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Thanksgiving Eve

Last year I wore a turkey on my head while student teaching. I couldn't find the turkey this year. :(

Last year I wore a turkey on my head while student teaching. I couldn’t find the turkey this year. 🙁

Twas the day before Thanksgiving, when all through the school
Not a student was calm, they were all being fools.
Any bit of caring was hung by the door with no care,
In hopes that early dismissal soon would be there.

The students were crazy, jumping off the walls.
They didn’t even understand when I said, “You’re killing me Smalls!”
The students all texted, and tweeted, and played with their apps,
and I really wished I could take a nap.

When out in the hall there arose such a clatter,
I ran from my desk to see what twas the matter.
Then I heard shouting, and I realized with little ease
the students were doing whatever they pleased.

The students were running, leaving dust in their path.
I thought about saying screw it and sending them to Math.
When, what to my wondering eyes should appear,
but a security guard, and his fake security gear.

It was so odd, it left me in wonder.
Was security showing up just a mere blunder?
He got a gleam in his eyes and he began to blow his whistle.
The students didn’t care, they just began to giggle.

“Now you, buddy! and you, sir! C’mon, get to class!
Quit making this ruckus, you’re being an ass!
The sooner you get out of my way
the sooner we’ll be done with this whacked out half day!”

The students started to whine and groan,
and I tried to ignore the laughter in my bones.
Down the staircase they flew,
tripping, falling, and turning black and blue.

I returned to my boisterous classroom
where I could tell I was facing impending doom.
As I drew in my head, and was turning around,
up their hands went, with smiles all around.

Their smiles were dangerous, they looked somewhat possessed.
I knew this battle was lost and I hoped for the best.
So much to their surprise, and perhaps hidden glee,
I asked if they wanted to watch cartoons and color with me.

I pulled up Hulu, much to their delight
and we watched Family Guy celebrate Thanksgiving night.
I talked about satire, and they didn’t listen.
Their minds were already on their Thanksgiving kitchens.

We colored in stars and expressed our gratitudes,
and the students started talking about Thanksgiving food.
The students said thanks for being an aight teach,
and I thanked them for not making me give them a “Behave yourself!” speech.

The bell rang, and chaos erupted.
I was beyond the point of caring, we all were corrupted.
As the students ran, sprinted, got out of my sight
I sighed and wished them a Thanksgiving filled with sleep, food, and delight.