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For Brian

(Spoiler alert: Do NOT read this post if you have not watched this week’s “Family Guy.”)


I saw the internet was freaking out yesterday about the demise of Family Guy’s beloved alcoholic dog, Brian, and the logical choice was to watch the episode with my dog last night.

I didn’t expect Family Guy to make me cry as much as it did.

The episode was a bit choppy, but it was poignant. It perfectly depicted the emotional roller coaster of losing a loved one, and the various stages of grieving, but it forgot one thing: the significance of the character if Brian, and the subsequent significance of his death.

Brian was the f-ed up, blunt voice of reason on the show. Without him, not even the stereotype-filled Italian-American replacement dog Vinnie can save an already staling show. After over a decade of repetitive story lines and tired out jokes, it’s time for more than Brian to bite the dust. Family Guy has officially jumped the shark.

Rest in peace, Brian Griffin. I’m sure the rest of your family will be joining you shortly.