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Two girls can get married.


I’m entirely too excited about the doodle I doodled on the envelope for my cousin’s minion themed birthday party.

I was at a family party today for the first time since I became engaged to V, and I was told to expect questions from my two younger cousins, as they were curious about me getting married.

So, when I started playing a game with them, I braced myself for the questions two girls, ages 10 and 5, would have about two girls getting married.

The 5 year old told me how her birthday party was minion themed because it’s her “favorite movie EVER!!” I mentioned that Despicable Me is one of V’s favorite movies, and she grinned, looked at her big sis and me, and said, “That’s your– what’s the word (10 year old)? Peeancé?” Her big sis corrected her, and the 5 year old turned to me. “What’s your fiancée’s name? The one with the white shirt and the haircut?” I told her, and she smiled and continued playing the game, informing me it was my turn. We continued playing, and nothing more was mentioned.

Then, out of nowhere, the 5 year old stated, “Two girls can get married!” I smiled, and her older sister pointed to my ring and said how pretty it was. The 5 year old said it was sparkly, and then said it was her sister’s turn.

That was that.